Property: 1050 N. College Rd., Mason

Owner:  Bruce and Suzanne Caltrider

Taxpayer: Bruce and Suzanne Caltrider

Assessed:  $245,300

Michigan may be considered Midwest but
its New England heritage is evident in its architecture. There are
amazing examples of residential and commercial architecture influenced
by the east coast aesthetic, but what about barns. Bucolic cathedrals,
barns, are incredible structures with a strong aesthetic.

The Somerville Barn in Alaiedon Township is an English
style bank barn listed on the National Register of Historic Places. An
import from England during colonial times, the bank barn is most
commonly found in New England. Bank barns are a walkout style barn
built into a hill, which is both practical and functional. It takes
advantage of a hilly site like the Caltrider farm at 1050 N. College

Also known as the Caltrider Barn, the barn and its owners
have a deep heritage in the Greater Lansing area. The barn is located
on a sesquicentennial farm — a working farm for over 150 years. Many
barns are being lost to neglect and demolition, but fourth generation
owners Bruce and Suzanne Caltrider are slowly restoring their barn
because they cherish it for what it represents — a link of time with