March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Let Gov. Snyder know where you stand on same-sex benefits

Gov. Rick Snyder may sign legislation today that would eliminate benefits for same-sex partners of public employees throughout Michigan. He needs to know where you stand.

Please call the governor today at (517) 336-7854 or e-mail him at — or even better, do both.

Here is a message from Jay Kaplan, director of the GLBT
Project at the ACLU of Michigan:

“This morning Governor Snyder asked the State House to call back House Bills 4770 and 4771 and provide a specific clarification that the colleges and universities are exempt. That means IF they do this,  he will sign these bills into law the end of today, even if they take away health insurance from LGBT partners and their children of public employees who work for the State of Michigan, city governments, county governments, and public school districts.   While we certainly don’t want university employees and their families to be harmed by this discriminatory bill- it’s not okay to take away health insurance from the Theresa Bassett(who is a teacher in Ann Arbor)’s partner Carol and their 6 year old son, Fin.  It’s not okay to take away health insurance coverage from Kalamazoo City employee JoLinda Jach’s partner, Barbara who suffers from arthritis and early stages of glaucoma.  It’s not okay to take away health insurance coverage from state employee Deb Harrah’s partner, Michelle who has diabetes and a thyroid condition.   This is bad policy and will only further hurt Michigan’s economy.   CALL GOVERNOR SNYDER’S OFFICE NOW AT 517-335-7858  ( AND TELL HIM TO VETO THESE BILLS BECAUSE THEY ARE DISCRIMINATORY AND THEY ARE WRONG.   We only have a few hours today to possibly make a difference.”