Property:  3000 E. Saginaw St., Lansing

Owner:  KZ Investments LLC

Taxpayer: KZ Investments LLC

Assessed:  $118,300

Owner says: Unable to be reached for comment

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: It is clear by the sizable number of derelict gas stations that the Lansing metro area doesn’t require the plethora of gas stations that marked every third intersection. The question isn’t what to do with the gas station itself but what to do with the site when the station is gone. Situated in what is quite possibly the best strategically placed shopping area in the state of Michigan, this former gas station at the intersection of Homer and  Saginaw streets is perfect for a great new building like the three-story brick building under construction a mile west at Marshall Street and Michigan Avenue on Lansing’s east side. The Gillespie Group has the right idea — replace a former gas station with a  potentially great building.

Regardless of what the site may become in the future, its current condition is poor. The front panels of some of the gas pumps are gone, exposing the pipes to the elements. Signs advertising cigarette specials paper the windows of the vacant station and the phone attached to the pay phone has disappeared. Splotches of gray can be seen through the white paint on the building, adding to the decrepit look. A demolition is in order.