March 18 2013 12:00 AM

A Sex Pistols reunion? A real estate auction? No one knows what Vacant is about — or where it will be


Thursday, Jan. 12 — The framed poster in SoupSpoon Cafe features the image of a blindfolded tiger. "Expect Nothing" says the tagline at the bottom right-hand corner.

But there must be something going on. A link on the Vacant website leads to an Eventbrite site where tickets to the Feb. 29 "Inaugural VACANT Experience" are being sold ($20 general admission, or $150 for "two entry tickets; VIP seating; framed, limited-edition silk-screened poster, and other enticing VIP loot").

But what you're getting for your money is anyone's guess. Even the address of the event is a mystery: The site says it will happen "Somewhere in REO Town," between 7 and 11 p.m., but gives no more information.

The cryptic promotion has inspired speculation on Twitter. Ben Eysselinck (@esselinck) wrote: "I'm thinking #VacantLansing  has something to do with G&S' Pirates of Penzance. #February29 and all that..." "We love a good mystery in #lovelansing!" noted Lansing Ninjas (@lansingninjas)

The SoupSpoon staff claim to know nothing about the nature of Vacant. So it would seem everyone is in the same position as the unfortunate tiger on the poster: completely left in the dark — at least for the time being.