Feb. 2 2012 12:00 AM

Mid Michigan Family Theatre offers 23 one-acts over two weekends

Thursday, Feb. 2 — Short shows about dreams, eating disorders, recycling, adoption and other issues will be presented during the Mid Michigan Family Theatre’s Actors Showcase Feb. 10-12 and 17-19.
Twenty-three local performers are scheduled to star in 13 one-acts, which will be divided up over the two weekends. Director Bill Gordon said the showcase was designed to give actors of all ages an opportunity to work with scripts dealing with pertinent themes.
The plays:
“Letter from a Stranger,” a play about adoption, featuring Nicole Clyne, Joy Oslund, Maddie Membiela and Nick Vogel.
“Talk to Me” about the relationship between sisters, featuring Mia Grant and Julianna Markham-Adkison.
“Who is Strongest?,” a play showing the world is made up of many things, featuring Nicole Clyne, Tyrah Daniel, Catrice Ferguson, Audrey Knapman, Claire McCabe, Maddie Membiela, Joy Oslund, Lena Oslund, Stephanie Reid, Anderson Stevens and Emily Stevens.
“Voice and Counter Voice — The Cast List,” a play about egos, featuring Nicole Clyne, Cassidy Gardner, Claire McCabe and Maddie Membiela.
“Ribbons,” about a young girl waiting for her father to come back from the war, featuring Ralph Maldonado and Lena Oslund.
“Moving Blues,” about the trials of moving, featuring Tyrah Daniels, Noah McPherson, Joy Oslund and Lena Oslund.
“Pig Out and Wolf Down,” a story about storytelling in the library, featuring Jaleigh Keyes and Jennifer Keyes.
“Mirror, Mirror,” about eating disorders, featuring Mia Grant, Cassidy Gardner, Jaleigh Keyes, Jennifer Keyes, Claire McCabe, Noah McPherson, Stephanie Reid and Emily Stevens.
“Remote Control,” in which a girl’s dream device backfires on her, featuring Amy Graham, Katie Graham, Jaleigh Keyes, Julianna Markham-Adkison and Nick Vogel.
“Go Green,” about recycling, featuring Tyrah Daniel, Catrice Ferguson, Mia Grant, Amy Graham, Katie Graham, Ralph Maldonado, Anderson Stevens and Emily Stevens.
“The Stockbroker and the Fairy Godmother,” a modern fairy tale, featuring Ralph Maldonado and Stephanie Reid.
“Miraculous Miranda,” a play about the risks of leaving your duties to someone else, featuring Catrice Ferguson, Katie Graham, Audrey Knapman, Hannah Oslund and Nick Vogel.
“If Wishes Were Houses,” a modern retelling of the legend of the magic lamp, featuring Cassidy Gardner, Audrey Knapman, Julianna Markham-Adkison and Hannah Oslund.

Actors Showcase%u2028
Mid Michigan Family Theatre%u2028
440 Frandor Ave., Lansing
7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10 and 17, and Saturday, Feb. 11 and 18; 3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12 and 19
$6 general admission; $4 pre-school-aged children
(517) 339-2145