March 18 2013 12:00 AM

WLNS/City Pulse contest sees huge increase in voting

Thursday, Feb. 9 — Over 13,000 people voted in the annual City Pulse/WLNS Top of the Town Contest this year.

“That’s an astounding increase of nearly 10,000 voters over last year,“ editor/publisher Berl Schwartz said. “We’ve looked at the votes carefully and are confident there was no cheating.”

The annual contest featured over 100 categories, from best burger to best politician.

“The rules allowed for one vote per e-mail address. People may have voted more than once if they have more one e-mail address, but our review does not show a pattern of cheating. Moreover, using a “captcha” — those funny letters you have to figure out before you can submit — undoubtedly keeps many people from even bothering to vote more than once,” Schwartz said.

Another factor is people had to vote in at least 25 categories for the their vote to be counted.

“Plus, most people are honest,” he added.

The nearly month-long contest ended Jan. 31. Winners will be announced March 21 in City Pulse.

“I want to thank WLNS for its increased support this year in promoting the contest, which I am sure was a significant reason for the big jump in voting,” Schwartz added, “and also Tim Barron at WLMI 92.9 FM for his help as well.”

"Additionally, Julie Powers, our social media director, helped considerably with a terrific presence on Facebook and Twitter," Schwartz said.