March 18 2013 12:00 AM

City Pulse asks readers to thank Meijer for delaying end of free publications

Monday, Feb. 27 — City Pulse has posted a new petition thanking Meijer for postponing the removal of free publications till March 15 and asking the grocery store chain to repeal its decision altogether.

The online petition is at

“Two more issues of City Pulse will be available at Meijer,” editor and publisher Berl Schwartz said. “That’s an important step in the right direction of keeping Meijer as an important hub of community information.”

Free publications, including City Pulse, Wheeler Dealer, The New Citizens Press and Greater Lansing Woman, were scheduled to be discontinued at Meijer this week. However, Dominion Distribution, the national distribution company that rents space for the racks, said Thursday that Meijer has told them to delay removing the racks in Greater Lansing and Detroit till March 15. Racks in the rest of Meijer’s 199 stores in five states are still scheduled to be picked up this week. Meijer has not indicated it will seek a replacement for the distribution company.

“I hope this decision augers well for a local solution that will allow City Pulse and others to stay in Meijer,” Schwartz said.

More than 3,000 readers a week pick up papers at Meijer’s eight stores in the Lansing market, he said. Over 200 people signed a petition posted last week asking Meijer to change its mind. Also, the Lansing City Council passed a resolution requesting Meijer to reconsider. Several elected officials have written Meijer as well, Schwartz said.

“Meijer is to be commended for listening to its customers and the community,” Schwartz said. “At the same time, it is important to keep letting Meijer know it wants to keep City Pulse in Meijer.”