March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Ingham County Commissioners asks chain to reconsider

THURSDAY, March 1 — The Ingham County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution calling on Meijer to reconsider its decision to eliminate free publications in its stores in the Lansing area.

“The Ingham County Board of Commissioners supports local business and use these publications as a way to inform the community of important notices, public hearings, changes in ordinances and public policy, promote County government and solicit bids and requests for proposals from local businesses,” the resolution, which was approved Tuesday, says.

“This new policy could have an adverse impact on the thousands of residents who rely on these publications for information and notices from Ingham County, as well as other governmental entities,” it adds.

The Lansing City Council passed a similar resolution two weeks ago.

In the Lansing area, Meijer has extended to March 15 when free publications may still be available. Elsewhere in the 199-store chain the deadline remains today. Publications in Lansing include City Pulse. Meanwhile, nearly 120 people have signed a petition posted Sunday thanking Meijer for extending the deadline and encouraging management to rescind its decision. The petition is available at Readers can also email Stacie Behler, Meijer vice president for public affairs, at stacie.behler@meijer/com and speak to store managers.

An earlier petition along the same lines garnered 229 signatures.

Meijer and City Pulse are exploring ways the publication may remain in the eight stores in Greater Lansing, editor and publisher Berl Schwartz said.More than 3,000 readers a week pick up their papers at Meijer, he said.

“I’m gratified by the reader response and delighted that Meijer has reacted positively to it,” Schwartz said. “I’m hoping something satisfactory to all parties can be worked out. Until it is, however, I think the best course is for readers to continue to let Meijer know how important it is to them that Meijer remain a hub of community information.”