March 2 2012 12:00 AM

Chain moves City Pulse to paid newspaper racks

Friday, March 2 — City Pulse will move to the paid newspaper racks in Meijer stores in the Lansing area beginning March 14.

City Pulse will be available on the red racks in the Meijer entrances until then. Meijer has decided to discontinue those racks beginning March 15.

“I’m pleased we will continue to be available at Meijer without interruption,” editor and publisher Berl Schwartz said. “I hope many of our readers will continue to pick up their papers at Meijer.”

The paid newspaper racks are near the checkout lanes closer to the grocery side of stores. Typically, dailies such as the Lansing State Journal, the two Detroit newspapers and USA Today are available there.

“This will not afford us as much space as we have now and will not be as easily accessible as the free newspaper racks,” Schwartz said. “We will have to see if this location meets our readers’ needs. If not, we will seek a better solution.”

City Pulse will remain free in the new location.

Schwartz also said that City Pulse will be available in the three Walmarts in the Lansing area beginning March 21.

“Being in Walmart will help us continue to broaden our audience, just as Meijer has done,” Schwartz said.