March 14 2012 12:00 AM

Have you ever wanted an abundant supply of sweet, golden honey outside your back door? How about hoppy home-brewed ale in the basement?

For the next three months, the Capital Area District Library will host local experts to teach the community about making an impact on your own personal food supply chain.

Topics range from beekeeping and home brewing to patio container gardening and raising backyard chickens.

One of the goals of the series of presentations is to provide consumers with information about how food production and delivery have transformed into corporate, mono-agricultural systems over the last century. 

The Purple Carrot food truck will present programs at two CADL locations next month, according to owner Nina Santucci. Santucci will conduct a cooking demonstration with co-owner Anthony Maiale using locally sourced ingredients; they will hold a conversation with attendees about the many ways purchasing local is important.

The Purple Carrot relies on nearly three dozen local suppliers for its ingredients, and Santucci says it’s steps like those that will make a big difference down the road, both ecologically and economically.

“It keeps money circulating in the community,” Santucci says, adding that her team’s primary goal is to provide the freshest food possible.  

On April 21, the Purple Carrot will park its food truck outside of CADL´s downtown branch Santucci and Maiale will offer lunch before their presentation, beginning at noon.

For additional information, a listing of presenters and the corresponding book available for checkout, visit, or call (517) 367-6300.