Property: 726 Sparrow Ave., Lansing

Owner: James Ritts and Judith Evans

Assessed value: $59,700

Even the most unassuming buildings have a special story, whether it’s the architect, owners, design, materials or past events. This home on Sparrow Avenue is a lovely addition to Lansing’s Kenwood Neighborhood. The architecture alone is noteworthy (check out the beautiful entry) but it is the stories associated with the house that make it even more special. Three, to be exact, with a bit of mystery and intrigue to each.

According to its owner, Judy Evans, the house built in 1938 isn’t any ordinary Federalist style two-story. It is modeled after an estate in Scotland, though which one is yet to be determined.

Another of the house’s secrets is in the garden. Shortly after purchasing the home in 1987, Evans discovered the former use of the site: The house is an infill located on what had originally been the neighborhood dump. Just inches beneath the soil were all kinds of refuse that she would dig up.

And as it turns out, this house is not alone. On the other side of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard there is an identical house, as if MLK was the mirror in which 726 was reflected. But which house is it? That is for you to discover.

Think about the buildings that you have inhabited. What are the stories?