March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Thursday concert at The Loft must be rescheduled due to illness

Tuesday, April 3 — If seeing Foxy Shazam at The Loft was on your Thursday list of things to do, scratch it off: The show is being postponed.

“A few of the guys have come down with a serious case of pneumonia and it needs to be treated immediately,” a representative of the band wrote on Foxy's Facebook page on Tuesday.

"Unfortunately, due to the declining health of the band, we are going to be postponing our shows on the current tour up to the 11th of April. This means Rochester, Pittsburgh, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Omaha and Colorado Springs.” A rescheduled date for Lansing should be announced shortly.

Illness aside, the Cincinnati-based band is on a roll with “I Like It,” the hit single from its new album “The Church of Rock and Roll” (IRS Records/EMI Group).