March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Council adopts the city’s first master plan in more than 50 years

Monday, April 9 — It took 54 years, but the city of Lansing now has an updated comprehensive master plan.

“Design Lansing” is the product of information gathered from a 77-member advisory group, dozens of workshops and more than 1,000 surveys over nearly four years. Bob Johnson, director of the Department of Planning and Neighborhood Development, referred to the plan tonight as the “citizen’s plan,” referring to the amount of public input that went into it.

The 201-page comprehensive master plan is basically an extensive list of recommendations for how future development in the city should take place. It emphasizes “placemaking,” transportation and green infrastructure. It builds off of several other more nuanced plans for the city, such as the parks and recreation master plan, the non-motorized transportation plan and the Saginaw-Oakland corridor study.

This is only the fourth time since 1921 that the city’s comprehensive master plan — which details the “orderly development of the city,” according to the resolution adopted by Council — was updated. Several other updates by region came since 1958, but none of them were comprehensive of the entire city.

“The plan is that we hope to keep it a living document, renewing it every five years,” Johnson said. “We haven’t had the best track record in doing that.”

Council unanimously approved the resolution to adopt the plan. A draft of Design Lansing can be found here.