Property: 925 W. Ionia St., Lansing

Owner: John and Michelle Reurink

Assessed value: $62,100

People have a penchant for affectionately referencing buildings by their striking architectural features. It is no wonder that residents of the Genessee Neighborhood near downtown Lansing fondly call 925 W. Ionia St., “The stone porch house.”

This is no ordinary stone porch that extends the length of the facade of the house. The character-defining feature is made of material with a past. The stunning stone is originally from a former Lansing church that was repurposed as a residential porch when the house was built in 1908 — social equity and environmentally savvy.

Nearly condemned in the late-1980s due to neglect, the house was saved and restored. Today, owners John and Michelle Reurink appreciate the architectural significance of the house and its landmark status in the neighborhood. Beautifully crafted inside and out, according to the Reurink’s, it is the combination of architecture, history and location that makes this house significant to Lansing. There is a lesson here: The most environmental house is one that already exists. Be a champion for the architecture in your neighborhood. 

Wishing for a house like this? You are in luck — this one is for sale.

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