March 13 2013 12:00 AM

Team of city employees wins charitable food donation contest for third year in a row

Wednesday, Nov. 28 — A team of city of Lansing employees is putting together a dynasty in competitive charitable food donating.

For the third consecutive year, the “Appetite for Change” team will have its name engraved in the Golden Can Traveling Trophy, the prize for winning an annual food donation competition that benefits the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

As part of the fourth annual Downtown Lansing Food Fight, the team collected 635 pounds of food. It competed against 10 other teams in the competition.

The event organizer, Downtown Lansing Inc., said in a news release that total donations from the competition, which also included private donations, would provide more than 6,000 meals for those in need in greater Lansing. Nearly a ton of food — 1,452 pounds — and over $1,000 was collected in total. All of the proceeds benefit the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

The competition was based on the amount of food and money collected by team, divided by the number of team members. Appetite for Change averaged 127 pounds of food donated per member. A team of employees at Gibby’s Grinders sandwich shop downtown placed second with about 200 pounds of food collected.

Pick up this week’s issue of City Pulse to find a donation envelope for the Greater Lansing Food Bank.