March 13 2013 12:00 AM

Utility warns customers of phony workers approaching residents

Wednesday, Dec. 19 — The Lansing Board of Water and Light is warning customers of a person posing as a BWL employee who tried to gain entry into a customer’s home on Lansing’s Eastside on Tuesday. 

The customer refused to allow the imposter entry into their home and reported it to the police.

“These kinds of things happen periodically, especially around holidays,” said BWL Spokesman Steve Serkaian. “Imposters attempt to gain access to customers; homes and we just wanted to remind homeowners and renters that BWL workers are identified by a number of things.”

Serkaian said all BWL employees would have a photo ID and well-marked logos on their clothing and vehicle.

“If your electricity and water service are working and you didn’t call for service, then you should be aware as to why anyone would be knocking on your door claiming to be a utility worker,” he said. “Simply ask that person to present their identification. If they balk, then you know that likely an imposter is up to no good.”

Serkaian said customers should report any suspicious activity to the police and to BWL customer service if someone poses as an employee. The BWL Customer Service Line: 517-702-6006.