Property: 627 N. Harrison Road, East Lansing

Owner: David and Nancy McKeague

Assessed value: $275,000

Even in the daytime it’s hard to miss this gem facing Harrison Road in East Lansing’s Glencairn neighborhood. But in the spirit of the holidays, we set out to find some of the best exterior lighting we could find. This one delivers.

Like the home’s façade and well-manicured lawn, this year’s holiday lighting offers class, simplicity and a balance of modern and traditional decoration. The eye is drawn to that side of the road for the well-lit fencing on the north side of the house, as well as the lighted three-dimensional snowflakes hanging from a tree in the front yard. A neighbor living a few blocks east noted that she admires this home’s three lighted wreathes in the front window.

David McKeague spends “most of the weekend” on the decorative style, his wife, Nancy, said. The front also includes lighted presents on a bench, faux candles in the second floor windows and big, red ornaments hanging from the porch ceiling. It’s cheerful yet not over the top; classical with a modern touch. 

Christmas lighting dates back to rich folk from 18th century Germany who could afford to put candles in the Christmas tree. By the mid 1900s, it was ubiquitous in neighborhoods throughout the U.S. Today it makes neighborhoods like Glencairn, with tightly packed beautiful homes, all the more inviting.

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