Property: 1800 N. Grand River Ave., Lansing


Assessed value: $296,000

You just know something high-tech is going on inside this building. This week’s feature — home to, mid-Michigan’s largest independent phone and Internet provider — is a cool cube of a building with vertical cladding, ribbon windows and an ever eye-pleasing blue-hued exterior complimented by orange accents. has given the building a facelift, bringing the former industrial building up-to-date with its new exterior. Daylighting is a striking feature of the building’s interior, which is filled with soft ambient light that reduces the need for artificial lighting. According to President Steve Schoen, the new interior and exterior are just some of the many investments the company’s made in this building and the Lansing area.

It is increasingly important that existing buildings be reused. Industrial buildings are great for adaptive reuse as they often have open floor plans that lend themselves to redesign. Lansing is not short of these. 

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