Property: 145 W. Ash St., Mason

Owner: City of Mason

Assessed value: $0

A library is the living room of the community. A gathering place open to all. Be it a small, neighborhood library or the central district library, the building design must be both civic and approachable — like the Mason Branch Library. 

The design strikes a perfect cord. It has a suggestive residential feel heightened by the chimney that indicates a fireplace within — the hearth of the community, a place of gathering. Plus, the gabled entry, cupola and location just steps from courthouse square are evidence that this building is civically special. 

The library was designed by local architect Harold A. Childs and was commissioned by Albert J. Hall for Mason as a memorial to his wife, Ada A. Hall. According to head librarian Cheryl Lyons, the library was such a showpiece that people traveled from other counties to experience it when it was completed. Today, Lyons views her role not only as caretaker of the 35,000-plus book collection, but also the historic building which had a recent interior renovation. The library celebrates its 75th anniversary later this year.

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