March 8 2013 12:00 AM

A master of the sweat shirt

Marisol Dorantes/City Pulse

Friday, March 8 —Few things are more comfortable and less creative than a sweat shirt — or so I thought until Peter Ferstz proved me wrong.

Leaving the Broad Art Museum recently, Ferstz stood out by straddling the lines between formal and casual. He artfully turns a college student’s item of fashion suicide into a trend-setting piece.

“I have a pretty full schedule. I don’t have a lot of time to get ready for the day and I have to be comfortable in what I’m wearing,” said the Michigan State University undergraduate.130308FFP_2.jpg

The combination of a crew-neck sweat shirt from H&M ($15), and a button-up with print long sleeves from J.Crew ($20), keep him presentable but at ease all day long. While mixing and matching does not depend on where you purchase clothing, visiting retailers that have different aesthetics and combining their look is a good place to start. Ferstz’s outfit follows the advice with every stroke. The knitted beanie from Urban Outfitters ($12) adds to the laid-back motif, while his Tretorn boots ($100) fall at the other end of his style spectrum.

The rest of the outfit continues to balance the formal and casual aspects of Ferstz’s style. Jeans are always a way to dress an outfit down, but fitted Levi’s ($55) keeps the outfit from looking sloppy and lacking inspiration. The complementing piece is Ferstz’s Banana Republic jacket ($100), which, although from a store with a more formal vision, has a softness and ease that allow the melding of two worlds.130308FFP_3.jpg

Ferstz’s take on the sweat shirt make his outfit a casual Friday masterpiece.