Property: 1969 Cedar St., Holt

Owner: Steven Anderson

Owner says: “Grow food, not lawns”

Gardening at work has sprouted in Holt. Local business owner Steve Anderson is exploring the role of the edible garden — in the front yard of his insurance business. Last spring Anderson experimented by transforming what he said was a “useless area of grass wedged between the building and parking lot that nobody used” into a garden of herbs and vegetables. 

Anderson said he was inspired to grow edibles at work to reduce lawn maintenance in keeping with the motto, “Grow food, not lawns.” The fact is that grass can be a huge waste of land, time and money. It is becoming increasingly important to reduce sprawl by repurposing conventional green spaces that go unused, making them productive again. We’re already seeing it in new urban gardens throughout Lansing.

What food could be planted in your yard this spring? Anderson is already planning his harvest this year, which may include pumpkins (a big hit last year) and the addition of blueberry bushes. Just inside the building’s entry, a set of shears eagerly await.

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