Property: 215 Marshall St., Lansing

There’s something about a stone house that draws people to it. More than likely, it’s the subtle balance of quaint rustic character with a bit of grandeur — a castle, on a small scale. 

The Lansing area doesn’t boast many stone houses, nor does Michigan, in general  — not surprising given Michigan’s abundance of woodlands. Don’t be fooled, though — few stone houses in Michigan are actually structurally supported by stones. The average stone house has a wood frame construction with a masonry veneer, composed of field, river or man-made stone. It can be hard to distinguish the difference from a distance.

However, sometimes the real deal is obvious. The house at 215 Marshall St. is authentic and easy to spot, even to the untrained eye. The craftsman-style house features exposed rafter tails and an enclosed porch.

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