April 12 2013 12:00 AM

Budding personality

Photo by Marisol Dorantes

Friday, April 12 — The pitter-patter of drops, the smell of rain, the feeling of changing seasons — as wonderful as it sounds, the beginning of April has become a fashion damper. The temperamental rain has caused a shift from heavy winter jackets to dark and shiny raincoats. Although, the existence of trendy rainwear is not as mythical as that of a fashionable winter jacket, the challenge of the cover up layer shuffled the fashion show indoors.

Out of these stormy weather people recently shed his layers like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Michigan State University student Justin Cook demonstrates how you can have an eclectic and unique ensemble underneath a classic trench.

“I’ve always had strange taste,” Cook said. “I have two older brothers that always had their own way of dressing and I wanted that too.”

130412_FashionFridayPulsePic3.jpgHis distinct look is a mix of different facets of fashion, but they intertwine through his personal touches. Cook’s wardrobe mostly comes from thrift stores and vintage shops, like his $10 floral print and embroidered button-up. While the shirt is an intriguing piece on its own, Cook expertly accessorized it with a bursting-with-color $40 silk tie that added the perfect amount of whimsy. The wooden necklace is a $15 relic from the MSU Powwow of Love.

“I love and study Ojibwe culture,” Cook said. “This necklace has spiritual meaning to me.”

130412_FashionFridayPulsePic2.jpgTo add to the planned chaos of his outfit, Cook shows off his Jeremy Scott Adidas. The shoes are a designer item that, at $250, is in theory out of place with the rest of his outfit but in practice the shoes are the perfect fit.

Cook’s vibrant creativity goes to show that underneath the drab of rain gear a fashion storm is brooding.