Property: 605 Butterfield Drive, East Lansing

Owner: James Secor

Assessed value: $155,600

East Lansing’s residential neighborhoods are fairly traditional when it comes to architectural styles, a good mixture of Tudors, Colonials, Side-Halls, Craftsmans and Cape Cods, to name a few. Every once in a while, the block is punctuated by something unexpected, like 605 Butterfield Drive.

A cool cube designed by James G. Hays III, the Hays House’s smooth exterior and glass block is a contrast to its neighbors. East Lansing’s own Villa Savoye is devoid of ornamentation, plain and white. 

A construct of the 20th century, this international style is not everybody’s cup of tea. The style was a rejection of conventional architecture. It is, in a word, unfussy. It has its place in the canon of American architecture and is fantastic for displaying a modernist art collection.

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