April 26 2013 12:00 AM

Call for prices

Cody Sehl. Photos by Marisol Dorantes.

Friday, April 26 — On-the-street interviews are like the lottery — and this week I hit the jackpot. Cody Sehl, an undergraduate at Michigan State University, has a style vision that is as unique as his jacket. 

Sehl is studying textiles and apparel at MSU, where he designs and produces many of the pieces in his wardrobe as well as for local fashion shows. Although he’s had years of experience behind a sewing machine, it was only last year that his sights were very differently focused.

FFP2.jpg“I was a fisheries and wildlife major for a long time,” Sehl said, “but I really needed to do something more creative.”

But transitioning from one specialization to another didn’t mean leaving one school of thought for a totally new one. His love of wildlife and dedication to sustainability echoes through his work.

“It is very expensive to be a completely sustainable and eco-friendly designer, so for now I use a lot of things from thrift shops. This way I am using things that have already been processed and are now recycled,” Sehl said.

Reused fabric isn’t the only thing Sehl uses from thrifts shops. The like-new leather sandals on his feet ($1) and his wolf-print shirt were purchased at a thrift store in town.

FFP3.jpg“My aesthetic is a hodgepodge of my interests,” Sehl said while showing off his bright orange overlay jacket. The jacket mixes an unorthodox cut with animal print sleeves that pair with his bag. The creation was from the remnants of a fashion show and the yellow lining was taken from vintage material stripped from a thrift-shop purchase.

“I would love to end up in Cape Town as an internationally known designer. But for now, call me for prices,” Sehl laughed.