May 29 2013 12:00 AM

Fifth annual competition starts in Old Town this weekend as artists mine materials

Last year\'s first place winner, \"Knights of the Sky,\" by We Art Junk. Courtesy photo.

Wednesday, May 29 — The fifth annual Scrapfest is back this weekend, bringing 13 teams of artists in competition over who can build unique sculptures from scrap metal.

On Saturday, the teams will spend an hour at Friedland Industries’ scrap facility in Old Town collecting up to 500 pounds of scrap metal each. They will then have two weeks to assemble their sculptures, which will be on display at Festival of the Moon on June 21. The pieces will be auctioned at Festival of the Sun on June 22.

During the festival, artisan booths will line the Scrapfest exhibit. Up to 10 local vendors with their own hand-crafted items will be chosen. An application is available here.

Forty percent of the proceeds from the auction go to the artists, while the rest is donated to the Old Town Commercial Association, primarily to help build a memorial for Robert Busby in Burchard Park.

This year’s teams are Copper Kids, Team Redhead, The Barn, Scrap on my Mind, Demmer Pride, Media Center Mudders, Smartist Guy, Iron in the Blood, Team Hamco, Artistic Design Services, Hamerd, Team Buzzard and Iron on the Move.

Last year’s first place winner, by We Art Junk, was titled “Knights of the Sky.” (See above.)

See here for more information on Scrapfest.