Property: 1715 E. Kalamazoo St., Lansing

Owner: Ingham County Land Bank

Assessed value: $0

Owner says: Business community discussing possible uses

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: It is not enough to only reimagine blighted buildings — the entire property must be considered. This northwest corner parcel at Kalamazoo and Leslie streets is aching for change. Instead of a large parking lot, imagine a pergola that extends from the building, with lush plantings that shade customers in the summer and protect from cool breezes in the spring and autumn. They are doing it in Marquette, Mich. — it can be done here.

Typically, garages aren’t known for making architectural contributions to society, but rather are appreciated for function. However, drive by this vacant structure on East Kalamazoo Street to find one that falls short in both respects. 

Covered in a hodgepodge of cracked gray paint, splintering wood and particleboard, this once-functioning establishment is in need of a tune up. Fortunately, unlike many buildings in similar circumstances, the much-needed renovation is already underway. Its newly shingled roof is proof of that. 

Eric Schertzing, chairman of the Ingham County Land Bank, said the local business community is discussing possible uses for the building. In the meantime, it will be used to store a Land Bank vehicle. Stay tuned for more.

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