Pat Gillespie

Owner/president of The Gillespie Group

Favorite beer: Bell’s Two-Hearted. In fact, I just put a kegerator into my office, so I’ll always have it on tap.

Favorite beer destination: HopCat in Grand Rapids.

What do you look for in a beer: I like it really hoppy. No fruit or citrus flavors for me.

Jake Dunne

Staff meteorologist, WLNS TV-6

Favorite beer: If I’m relaxing, Stella Artois. For pure taste: Guinness. But I’m a fan of everything at EagleMonk — picking one would be tough.

Favorite beer destination: Locally, definitely EagleMonk. I like that (owner) Dan (Buondono) puts all his energy into his beer. But a little farther from home, there’s the Old Boys Brewhouse in Spring Lake, near Grand Haven. It’s a great location on the water, and my favorite place in the state to enjoy a cold beer.

What do you look for in a beer: Aroma—the smell gets me first. Beyond that, I just don’t like anything that has an aftertaste.

Julie Powers

Executive director, Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council

Favorite beer: Tie: White Hatter, New Holland Brewing Co., American Ale, Black Husky Brewing Co.

Favorite beer destination: Motor City Brewing Works (cool location, amazing food)

What do you look for in a beer: I’m a hefeweizen fan, so I’m (almost always) looking for some citrus, depth of flavor, decent carbonation, really light on the hops. I’m the anti hipster hop head. I can’t drink hoppy beer (it actually hurts my tongue) so I’ve found my “beer home” with the Belgians.

Jess Knott

Co-captain, Lansing Derby Vixens Capital Corruption

Favorite beer: Bell’s Lager of the Lakes

Favorite beer destination: The beer garden at Bell’s Brewery. Fantastic music, food, and my hometown!

What do you look for in a beer: You know, I’m basically a “Miller Lite gal.” But before you get out the torches and pitch forks, let me explain: I love hanging out at baseball games, on boats, and in my friends’ back yards, with an easy drinking beer I don't have to think about super hard. I enjoy tastings and nuanced flavor, but beer should be easy sometimes too. Bell's makes beer fun.

Ryan Knott

Head coach, Lansing Derby Vixens

Favorite beer: I guess it depends on the situation. I like a lot of the beers coming out of Short's Brewery and North Peak Brewery, Atwater and Bells. But I'm also not above enjoying a Labatt Blue, Molson Canadian, Miller High Life or Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Favorite beer destination: HopCat in Grand Rapids is a fantastic place and I'm really looking forward to the new location in East Lansing. Locally, I love Midtown Brewing Co. and Moriarty’s. Overall, I'm really more of a downtown Lansing kind of guy.

What do you look for in a beer: Again, it depends on my mood or the situation. I can go with something with a lot of flavor or something lighter. I'm not crazy about a ton of hops, though I do occasionally enjoy a good IPA. I enjoy stouts very much and, as cliche as it may be, Guinness is still one of my favorites.