Oct. 7 2013 12:00 AM

Council approves student-housing plans for former Harley Hotel on Dunckel Road

Monday, Oct. 7 — The Lansing City Council unanimously approved two requests tonight from a developer who wants to repurpose a vacant hotel in the southeast corner of the city for student housing.

The House project would redevelop the old Harley Hotel at 3600 Dunckel Road, which sits on over 12 acres and has been vacant for longer than a decade. Developers plan to build out from the existing facility, At-Large Councilman Brian Jeffries said tonight, “Not extending the footprint.”

The project calls for 142 units geared toward “professionals and graduate students,” Jeffries said. It’s located just east of U.S. 127 on Dunckel. It also will reportedly include upscale amenities meant to give the development an all-inclusive feel.

The Council approved a rezoning of the property from commercial and parking to residential, as well as a “Planned Residential District.”

“What’s really nice about this is that they’re investing $9 million into rehabbing this facility,” Jeffries said. “All of this without a request for an incentive from the city. I wish we could do more of these.”