Oct. 23 2013 12:00 AM

Halloween boat party will be Lansing’s largest electronic music event

The 2003 cult classic film “Party Monster” is based on the true story of the Club Kids, a group of flamboyant young Manhattan ravers in the early ‘90s who made a living out of partying like crazy.

The Kids were led by Michael Alig, played by Macaulay Culkin. But while Alig is hardly your typical role model — he’s in prison for manslaughter for his role in the gruesome killing of one of the Kids — one local event organizer found something about the larger-than-life personality to admire.

“As a promoter, I could really relate to (Alig), who brought these massive events to the New York clubs,” said DJ Xáos — pronounced “chaos” — who co-founded the Lansing-based electronic dance music (EDM) event label X Theory Collaboration in 2011. “He created something out of nothing. That’s everything I do.”

Perhaps from nothing physical, but there’s a whole lot of engineering,

both social and electronic, that goes into creating a kickass EDM party, and he has a doozy planned: On Halloween, Xáos and X Theory Collaboration will co-host the Party Monster Disco Blood Boat on Lansing’s Michigan Princess riverboat. X Theory’s roster of 10 DJs will perform, with the featured guest being Superstar DJ Keoki, a celebrity DJ — and Alig’s exlover. Also featured will be the Denverbased SoundSex who was named 2012 Spinzone DJ of the Year and is Keoki’s brother and a friend of Xáos.

“I opened for SoundSex two years ago at Love Fest in Hawaii,” Xáos said. “He’s a great artist, and it’s a huge thing for him to be coming to Lansing.”

Xáos, 32, recently flew in Los Angeles-based DJ Ana Sia for a one-night gig at Spiral Video and Dance Bar in Old Town. He said the ability to attract top talent like her, Keoki and SoundSex are a testament to the heightened awareness of electronic music in the area. He said that the Blood Boat will be Lansing’s largest EDM event ever.

“Being in the center of the state, there are only so many artists who make it here,” he said. “ Mostly they’re going to Detroit or Grand Rapids. By getting (top-tier DJs) to come to Lansing, that’s only going to make those other cities raise the bar, which is only going to create more opportunities (for EDM) in Michigan.”

This isn’t mid-Michigan’s first taste of electronic music. The short-lived Electronic Sound and Image Festival was launched in Old Town in 2000 but fizzled after three

years. BoxCar Management wraps up a month-long DJ Olympics event tonight in downtown Lanisng. But the Blood Boat will certainly set the record for largest event: The ESI Fest featured two stages; the Blood Boat will have seven.

“One of the boats is three stories tall, the other is two,” Xáos said with a gleam. “The goal was to do something that would really stand out.” Other attractions will be fire spinners, roving haunted scenes and live fly boarding (water-powered jet packs). But why do all this on Halloween?

“It’s my favorite holiday,” Xáos said.

“But this was conceived as a one-of-a-kind party. Next year we’ll do something to mix it up, but it won’t look like this. We’re trying to make this a legendary event.”

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Party Monster Disco Blood Boat

Featuring Superstar DJ Keoki 8 p.m.-3 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 31 $16-$30 graduated early bird rates Michigan Princess, 3004 W. Main St., Lansing facebook.com/ xtheorycollaboration