Alison Gass, the Broad Museum’s curator since it opened in November 2012, was named the museum’s new deputy director over the weekend. She will remain curator as well. Before coming to the Broad, Gass, 36, was assistant curator of painting and sculpture at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

In March 2010, Gass was among nine young curators profiled in The New York Times a “new guard” of American museum curators who are comfortable with modern technology, emerging media and new ideas. In her first year at the Broad, Gass built on many connections she made in San Francisco, such as a large-scale exhibit featuring pattern artist Alyson Shotz, while flexing a growing international reach.

The Broad packed 14 exhibitions into its first year, mostly curated by Gass. Rush said that next year, guest curators will lighten Gass’ load and diversify the museum’s scope, adding that he and Gass work so well together they are “almost too much in agreement” on how to run a museum.

When a dealer brought some prints to the Broad this summer, Rush recalled that he and Gass were in seventh heaven. “We both started drooling over these prints by Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns,” he said. “Absolutely nothing to do with anything social or political. Just art about art.”