Property: 2827 S. Cedar St., Lansing

Owner: Thomas Keena Jr. and Kathy McGlone

Assessed value: $135,600

Owner says: Could not be reached for comment

This building has been the victim of some unfortunate modifications. The main elevation appears awkward, with little symmetry and poorly composed openings. Several of the diagonal boards that serve as the entire building’s cornice are missing. The boards that remain exhibit considerable peeling of an unfortunate shade of beige paint.

As a small amount of graffiti left alone can attract more vandalism, likewise, this building’s poor condition can be self-perpetuating. Its deteriorated state complicates efforts to attract new owners and the continuing vacancy will exacerbate the already poor condition.

However, the building is not entirely devoid of character. While it has a strong central mass, the wings to either side are not the same height or width, so the entire composition is off-balance. Given the arrangement of masses and openings, the attempt to tie the entire building together in one large entity doesn’t work well. The building might be better viewed as a collection of three smaller buildings, treating each elevation as its own storefront. If the individual elevations are carefully coordinated with each other, the building could serve one or several tenants.

— Dan Bollman

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