Cover story: ‘Faction Lansing’
Judi Brown Clarke has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, elected to multiple sports halls of fame and set world records. Last week, she was elected to the Lansing City Council, bringing a clean slate to the often fractious city government. In this week’s cover story, we profile the Councilwoman-elect.

A cellist and his bacteria … all 7 lbs. of it

Curiosity about people drives Yo-Yo Ma on. From heal-the-world gigs at the United Nations to “Sesame Street,” his mission is to connect with people, and connect people with each other, through music. Every concert, every interview, is a chance for him to weave another strand of his web. We got a rare opportunity to talk with Ma about his approach to music, ants and the bacteria growing inside him.

What master plan?
For the second month in a row, the Lansing City Council is considering whether to allow a church to move into one of the city’s commercial corridors. In both cases, the city’s Planning Department and citizen-advisory Planning Board advised denying the requests. We explore the question: What’s the point of a master plan when City Council votes contrary to it?

Link: ‘Green’ businesses, where art thou?

Columnist Terry Link discusses the difficulties of finding local businesses that utilize sustainable practices, financial planners who adhere to a triple bottom line and property owners/landlords committed to energy conservation. If you’re out there, make yourself known.  

Charlotte’s web
As the Charlotte Performing Arts Center celebrates its 10th season, we talk with the director, a local parent and the entertainer scheduled for a special anniversary celebration on Saturday. We also take a look back at some of the bigger acts the center has managed to snag in its web and look forward to see what’s coming up.

He Ate/She Ate
Mark and Gabrielle give Coral Gables the ol’ He Ate/She Ate treatment. Find out how the classic East Lansing restaurant stands up after 90 years.