Jan. 15 2014 12:00 AM

Tweets from someone masking as Board of Water and Light General Manager J. Peter Lark There was plenty of input from Lansing Board of Water and Light employees at a Jan. 7 public hearing in REO Town, the vast majority of whom showed up to defend their boss, General Manager J. Peter Lark.

But while it appeared Lark was also making comments throughout the night from the Twitter account @BWLPeter_Lark, he wasn’t. It was someone impersonating him. Below are actual tweets written from the bogus Lark account, which certainly caused some confusion from followers who wondered whether it was actually Lark tweeting.

Hey @BWLComm, can we wrap this meeting up soon? Just tell the employees here we’re good. I have a cancun flight in the morning.#flylansing

Our focus on technology is shown through our amazing sound system. The feedback in the livestream sounds like a Slayer concert. #goesto11

My board is currently talking about me management style. "I don´t know." Summed it up pretty well. #gettingaraise

I would like to publicly thank the employees that came out tonight. Your raises will be in your next check. #bwloutage

Of course I´m going to refer to myself in the third person @MattMillerLSJ. I´m Peter effin´ Lark! #bwloutage #trueleader

Look at all the amazing statistics that aren´t at all biased by our size! Nothing to see here people. Don´t you have snowplows to stalk?

I´m pretty sure you spoke at the public hearing @JPowers155, right? We´re you on my side? I can´t remember, was trying to read our comm plan

MAN! Now I´ve missed the beginning of the MSU game. Never thought this many people would speak. I didn´t think there were many angry folks.

We don´t need tree trimming crews. Has so little to do with getting power back on. We´ve clearly had success just waiting for mother nature.

I´m hearing reports of the live feed going down. Reminder, that it’s the LSJ´s problem, not ours. We are amazing at technology.

@AliceDreger In all fairness, my ass needs more kissing to balance out the kicking it has taken lately. #bwloutage

Barron did a great job for us Tuesday. Kicked off the meeting great per the plan. I just wish he hasn´t talked to the media! Who does that?!

@AliceDreger To be fair, my good friend The General totally said he would be objective. And you can always trust someone appointed by Virg!

@AliceDreger A sex scandal would make this #bwloutage so much better! Thanks for the idea. We´ll work on that for next time. #trueleader

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