Jan. 15 2014 12:00 AM

Common Ground Festival 2014 to feature 1997’s hottest stars
Christine Campos, event planner for the 2014 Common Ground Festival, won’t tell us everyone who is playing this year, but “rest assured, some of the hottest stars of 1997 are stopping by Lansing to rock this town.”

Headliners will include Smash Mouth, Third Eye Blind, Ginuwine, and Keith Sweat. The annual music festival held on the banks of the Grand River draws an estimated total crowd of over 50,000 to hear music likely to be replayed at 20th anniversary graduation reunions all over the greater mid- Michigan area.

Ghosts of piano duelers past haunt Rum Runners, reports wait staff
Tormented by the vicious duels they fought and lost, the ghosts of Rum Runners’ piano duelers past still haunt the East Michigan Avenue bar.

“I’ve done heard their baleful cries of ‘I think you know this one, a little something from the Piano Man himself,’ and, ‘Ladies, I can’t hear you!’” said bartender Melanie Kurtz. Since opening in 1996, hundreds of piano players have lost duels in the downtown bar’s upstairs lounge area. Their grim specters are a potent reminder of man’s transience in the mortal realm. At night, witnesses report water glasses surreptitiously filled with vodka drained before their very eyes, and the haunting refrain of birthday requests echoing in the dark.

A recent attempt to exorcise the spirits by removing the tiki-bar aesthetic has only angered the ghosts, according to busboy Reggie Alverez.