Feb. 13 2014 12:00 AM

After two months of down time, Impact 89FM returns to the air

MSU\'s student-run Impact 89FM returned to airwaves today after two months. Courtesy image.

Thursday, Feb. 13 — Impact FM (88.9 FM) is back up and running. Michigan State University’s student-run, commercial-free radio station is back on air at full strength today after running with significantly reduced broadcasting power since Dec. 11. Station manager Sam Riddle said the delay was due to equipment problems.

Riddle said the problem occurred when the transmitter wire had a “weather-related technical malfunction” that caused the server transmitter to go down to about 3 percent of previous wattage. The radio station was not able to get a crew in to evaluate the situation right away.

“Due to the nature of it being a pretty big problem, we had to go through appropriate steps with the accounting and how we spend our money as a student organization,” he said. He did not comment on the amount of money spent for repairs.

Riddle also said that that the timing posed an issue, since the repair crews usually stop working two to three weeks before Christmas to the end of New Year, adding that inclement weather also posed a problem.