March 22 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) The "School of Hard Knocks" is an old-fashioned idiom referring to the unofficial and accidental course of study available via life's tough experiences. The wisdom one gains through...
Hong Hong takes center stage at Lansing Symphony
March 22 2018
Hong Hong is one of the most watchable musicians in the Lansing Symphony. When he takes a solo, he channels a dark, liquid tone from a trance-like zone only he can reach. As section leader, he pulls at...
‘Dog Act’ creates punk vaudeville
March 22 2018
For “Dog Act,” Michigan State University’s Arena Theatre is transformed into a unique fun house. Like the carnival versions, the fun comes from shocks and scares. The MSU Department of...
March 22 2018
Commonly known as “whip-its” — small metal containers made to refill canisters in restaurants and bakeries — they give people who inhale the nitrous oxide a shortlived euphoric...
March 22 2018
Pam Kies-Lowe, the coordinator for homeless education at the Department of Education, said, “Lots of folks think about the homeless as bad people in the park, or they think the homeless are on the...
Steve Wilson digs in for weeklong residency at MSU
March 22 2018
On the first day of a week-long whirlwind of classes, performances and trips with MSU students to Michigan high schools, Wilson joined the Professors of Jazz for a scorching gig at the headquarters of...
A play about talking about movies
March 22 2018
Annie Baker’s “The Flick” — an LCC Performing Arts production in partnership with Peppermint Creek Theatre — is essentially a theater production where people talk about movies....
Why the anime convention is ‘home’ for so many
March 22 2018
For the past seven years, a telltale sign spring has begun in Lansing is not just the blooming of trees or melting of snow, but the appearance of several thousand anime fans roaming in costumes along the...
An old Shakespeare standard
March 22 2018
It’s not their fault there were more people onstage than in the audience. “Twelfth Night” debuted when there was a glut of play openings. Michigan State University students were on break....
Book unravels the aftermath of GM shutdown in WI
March 22 2018
Cities and corporations adore being on lists like “Best City to Raise a Family” or “Best Company to Work For.” But, beginning in 1988, there was a list that neither wanted its name...
Folk Festival facing retooling for a 2019 return
March 22 2018
“The main demographic for the festival is older, white and middle class,” said Mark Auslander, director of the MSU Museum, which has coordinated the event since 2002. “We can, I think,...
March 22 2018
Gay or straight, right or left, Bernie Bro or Tea Partier, regardless of your politics, I bet you agree with me on one core principal: Whoever serves as the attorney general should at least understand...
‘Lily, The Felon’s Daughter’ swings and misses
March 22 2018
Walking into the theater, one observes Bob Nees’ intricate set design, a highly convincing Victorian-era sitting room. Exotic set dressing by Carol Ferris and unique properties provided by Sharon...
Opposition growing to BWL’s $500 million gas plant
March 22 2018
“I feel confident it’s the best plan and I support building it 100 percent, but I’m willing to listen,” Commissioner Dennis Louney said. “We’re trying to build a fluid...
‘Broke-ology’ tests the limits of abject poverty
March 22 2018
The title “Broke-ology” is explained up front as the study and science of being broke and, in this case, black. The play, however, is also about a whole lot more than that
Feeling at home with comforting Italian food
March 22 2018
If there is a restaurant in town that I can call a second home, DeLuca’s is the place. It’s been in the same location on Willow Street since 1960, when it was known as the Willow Bar. I’ve...
March 22 2018
They also revealed the price tag: $7.1 million. That’s $300,000 more than the $6.8 million raised by the millage. John Dinon, director of Ingham County Animal Control, said a nonprofit, the Ingham...
City struggles to fully explain what pot licensing fees pay forf
March 22 2018
Wood said determining the true cost of the additional work would require sanctioning a time study, which she said she assumed would back up Smiertka’s narrative. That time study would need to demonstrate...
Schor pause on City Hall sale could pave way
March 22 2018
“It’s time to have that conversation,” 55th District Judge Thomas Boyd said Monday in an interview in his chambers. Previous discussions didn’t go very far, said Boyd. But a review...
March 22 2018
The 700-square-foot space is teeming with exotic flowers and succulents, but with gardening season almost here, the store’s inventory of heirloom seeds, soil mixes, gardening tools and pots has started...