Oct. 27 2017
Come to Celebration Cinema in Lansing today with your most creative costume on your furry friend. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative costume and the winner of the first prize will rece
MSU Greek community provides chaperoned holiday fun
Oct. 26 2017
An image from a previous Safe Halloween event.Courtesy Photo With near-constant news of catastrophes worldwide, it’s not surprising that parents might be hesitant to let their children go out o
Lucas Holliday 2
Lansing resident Lucas Holliday graces ‘The Voice’s’ stage
Oct. 26 2017
Courtesy Photo In late September, Season 13 of NBC’s “The Voice” premiered. All four judges, including Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus, took their seat in...
Railroad underpass gets new look
Oct. 26 2017
Father Tony Willis helps his songs Ashton and Austin paint the bridge. Photo by Kelly Sheridan This past weekend, Lansing residents tapped into their creative side as they set out to give t
Creepy Cheapy Invades the Capital City kicks off today
Oct. 26 2017
Imagine going to a show and singing along to your favorite legendary rock ‘n’ rollers like U2, Blink 182 and the Beastie Boys. Now, partner that with Halloween, and a chance to win the
Oct. 26 2017
MARY GAUTHIER AT PUMP HOUSE. The talents of Mary Gauthier will be filling the Pump House on October 26th. Gauthier is an American folk singer-songwriter who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. A
Heroes and villains collide at pet benefit
Oct. 26 2017
Raising an animal can be difficult, particularly if health costs are above one’s means. The Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund might just be the solution for that though, and the fourth annual Ingham...
Sat., Oct. 28
Oct. 26 2017
Chris Farren’s 2016 record “Can’t Die” is a year old now, not only surviving, but thriving. To celebrate, the pop-tinged rock-and-roller hit the road. Before playing at Mac’s...
Lansing artist creates scary, movie-themed posters with hidden meanings
Oct. 26 2017
Unorthodox and detail-driven are two terms that could sum up Matt Peppler’s design. The 37-year-old, Lansing-based graphic designer and illustrator’s methodical means of inserting storytelling...
A witch's perspective on Halloween
Oct. 26 2017
“What I have done at Halloween is that I have invited my ancestors to come for the evening. I don’t know that I would like everyone,” she laughed, “so I try to be specific. The...
Williamston readies transgender policy for schools
Oct. 26 2017
School Board members have been working on a policy for months. At issue: which bathroom and locker room may transgender and gender-nonconforming students use? Should they participate in sports based on...
Oct. 26 2017
This summer, three Lansing-area public parks became testing grounds for Sports Bin, a new program that encourages physical activity and team sports by providing free sports gear onsite. The idea is simple:...
Oct. 26 2017
Sometimes, the highlight of a meal can be its appetizer — especially when it is a one-of-a-kind dish. After sampling a fair amount of local Mexican restaurants and dining in authentic Mexican fare...
Hendrik Meijer unveils biography of Arthur Vandenberg, decades in the making
Oct. 26 2017
Talk about persistence. Hendrik Meijer has been working on the definitive biography of Michigan U.S. Senator Arthur Vandenberg for more than 27 years. Meijer often found that his day job, as CEO and executive...
Brian Whitfield's summer under the bridge
Oct. 26 2017
Thanks to a warm October, four splendid murals, each one 50 feet wide and 25 feet tall, are almost finished. Suddenly, the dusty DMZ between Lansing and East Lansing is swirling with life and color —...
Oct. 26 2017
There’s a genuine folksiness to the place. Along one wall are scarves for sale, made by a local artisan. Feathered hats are whimsically fashioned into lampshades for the overhead lighting. There’s...
Quality, higher wages make for a box store with a conscience
Oct. 26 2017
It’s a difficult question: Should a business’ main goal be profit or something more public? Businesses like Tom’s Shoes, Starbucks, Method Cleaning Products and more have emerged and...
McClurken crime mailer image repels some supporters
Oct. 26 2017
Despite being “uncomfortable” with an image on a political mailer for his campaign, 4th Ward City Council candidate Jim McClurken approved it for release, triggering political criticism, the...
Oct. 25 2017
Follow filmmaker Jen Senko as she attempts to understand how her father transformed from an open-minded individual to one who harbors many prejudices. Senko posits that his change was influenced
Jeffrey Cranor chats about new Night Vale novel
Oct. 24 2017
Courtesy Photo If you’re a fan of “Welcome to Night Vale” but you thought the universe was reserved exclusively to its twice-monthly podcast, you’re dead wrong. And, you’re...