March 8 2018
Since Larry Nassar never stood trial, there’s much that we don’t know. For example, it’s not clear how often and how far he broke with therapies that are acceptable in his field. We haven’t...
‘White Buffalo’ explores Native American mythology
March 8 2018
Emily Clark is Carol Gelling, a burned-out, overwrought farmer in Blackhawk, Wisconsin, who discovers the calf while walking her small acreage. A flood of phone calls and visitors ensue, based on a photo...
March 8 2018
She pulls together main stage, black box, and summer stage productions at Lansing Community College, and this doesn’t count the LCC dance and music productions, nor her immersion as a co-founder...
Community Foundation plans downtown riverfront projects
March 8 2018
The miniature spectacle makes people late for meetings, but the foundation’s executive vice president, Laurie Baumer, likes it that way
An attempt to sum them all up
March 8 2018
Trying to make sense of any particular country’s wine industry in 900 words or less is a fool’s errand. Sure, New Zealand is known for highly expressive sauvignon blanc, but there are many...
Labor fears Red Cedar developers won’t hire locally
March 8 2018
SkyVue is the $90 million, nine-story mixed-used development that is mostly student housing built by Georgia-based RISE Real Estate. Labor protesters greeted the groundbreaking ceremony in 2016 and continued...
Wally Pleasant returns for annual show, new album
March 8 2018
Comedic singer-songwriter Wally Pleasant is gearing up for a return to the stage and studio. Following two shows this weekend at the Windwalker Underground Gallery in Charlotte, likely his only performances...
March 8 2018
Lambert’s business has already become a popular favorite for pastry lovers for its inventive creations with equally memorable names, such as Unicorn Dreams, a sprinkle cookie sandwich filled with...
Violent clashes outside. Peace within.
March 8 2018
Under the newly installed solar cells of Lot 89 at Michigan State University, drums and brass instruments sounded in the afternoon’s cold air. As MSU police observed, men and women, racially mixed...
Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.42.46 PM
March 1 2018
Which one of our bad roads get fixed and when? How do we fix the long-term deficit? Whither the arts? Those are just some of the issues that Lansing’s new mayor, Andy Schor, addresses in an ex
March 1 2018
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Talking detective fiction with the judge who signed Nassar’s ‘death warrant’
March 1 2018
The halls of the Veteran Memorial Courthouse outside Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s chambers were eerily quiet on a recent Friday afternoon. A far cry from two weeks earlier, when throngs of victims,...
Successful Kickstarter campaign brings together old friends
March 1 2018
It’s been nine years since local Lansing singer songwriter Jen Sygit released her last solo album, “So Long Pollyanna.” While the folk roots/Americana artist is not a new name in the...
Michigan Global Roots Music Festival makes world music accessible
March 1 2018
“It is very difficult for children to sit still, so we made an informal concert where they can get up, they can dance, they can move around, they can clap and sing and it’s not disruptive,”...
‘Black Panther’ claws its way to record box office numbers
March 1 2018
The narrative of “Black Panther” is rooted in the black American experience. Its villain, Erik Killmonger, usurps the throne of the fictional African nation Wakanda, over its failure to address...
Owosso Community Players’ production does the tale justice
March 1 2018
To say the multifaceted, three-story set inside the Lebowsky Center is elaborate seems insufficient. Dirk Rennick, Dan Wenzlick, Shelby Lindquist and Josh Holliday’s design shifts from a magnificent...
March 1 2018
Another feature that made the Barnes and Noble Café variation of pizza more restaurant-quality was how it was cooked. Instead of a microwave or heat lamp, the Margherita was toasted. The two-slice...
March 1 2018
When I was assigned the task of selecting the most qualified 25 medical marijuana provisioning centers (a.k.a. dispensaries) by the City Council in fall 2017, I stated that my goal is for this process...
March 1 2018
“Pete Seeger was a punk,” he laughs. Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs — not the usual fare for fans of blistering punk music. But here’s John Warmb of Rent Strike, a claw-hammering...
March 1 2018
If Bird’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he was one of the co-founders of American Fifth Spirits, another distillery that opened in 2015 just a few blocks away