April 12 2018
Kristen Lawerence and her friends loved the BBC’s production of “Pride and Prejudice” and dreamed of their own Netherfield Ball. So in 2006, Kristen and her husband Charles created the...
April 12 2018
Detroit electro-techno duo Adult., a fixture in the Motor City scene since the mid-’90s, headlines Thursday at The Avenue Café. The Capital City Film Fest-hosted show also features sets from...
How the fest handles hundreds of films and dozens of bands
April 12 2018
Capital City Film Festival’s eighth edition continues its goal of bringing a slice of the coasts to Lansing. With a guerilla attitude toward venues — downtown Lansing still lacks a proper movie...
April 12 2018
To modern-day beer lovers, carbonation is expected, but do you know how beer becomes bubbly? Today, many beers are carbonated through a process called “forced carbonation,” where carbon dioxide...
April 12 2018
Horrific murders, a legal lynching and her father’s oral history draws Melanie Morrison, an Okemos-based author and civil rights activist, back in time to the Jim Crow South. It’s there she...
Pot playing a role in Dems’ AG choice
April 12 2018
Labor is playing a big role as usual, but when Democrats gather in Cobo Hall in Detroit on Sunday, Dana Nessel and Pat Miles’ track records on pot prosecutions will be a hot topic. Nessel is best...
A different roadmap for energy
April 12 2018
Many thanks to the City Pulse for coverage on the Lansing Board of Water and Light’s proposed gas plant and the citizen push back. The BWL announced last December its plans to build another fracked...
City missing $7.5 million in revenue from income tax
April 12 2018
Harry Gaskin IV was accused last May of failing to file six years’ worth of city of Lansing income tax papers. His total overdue tax bill, according to court records, was $730, plus $145.23 in penalties...
2018-19 Wharton Center season doesn’t throw away its shot
April 12 2018
Can “Hamilton” keep knocking down walls as fast as they go up? It has a stunning track record so far. The show has the requisite boffo Broadway beats, but the verse is etched in the sharp quill...
April 12 2018
Cedar St., in Mason, according to Lansing Township police Chief Adam Kline. Olin would have taken the gun in a box into the firing range. There, police said, Olin practiced using it
April 12 2018
“It’s going to take me 10 years to get where I want to be, but I think people will eventually fly here for the chocolate,” Zsigo said. “There are stores in New York, France and...
Picking the mid-Michigan theater fixture’s brain
April 12 2018
For about 35 years, he has been connected to local theatre, as an actor and as the creator of sets. Boerger’s favorite role was Atticus Finch in Riverwalk Theatre’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”...
April 12 2018
Tax Day is quickly approaching, and I’d like to remind those who live or work in Lansing that it’s also time to file and pay city income taxes. By city ordinance, Lansing residents are required...
April 11 2018
Listen to a playlist of the City Pulse Radio shows that aired March, 2018
April 5 2018
Lansing’s long running Common Ground Music Festival made another lineup announcement Thursday, its biggest names including Michigan native BØRNS and the rock group Judah & the Lion
April 5 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Eighty-three-year-old author Harlan Ellison has had a long and successful career. In the course of publishing hundreds of literary works in seven different genres, he has won...
New York’s yMusic fuses rock energy with classical mastery
April 5 2018
When a perfectionist pop artist like Paul Simon, Sufjan Stevens, David Byrne or Ben Folds is in the mood to play with some world class strings or winds, chances are they will call on one or more members...
‘Doublewide’ strikes many nerves
April 5 2018
As those barricades to Big Jim’s goals are gradually revealed, the first act of the over two-hour-with-intermission play has a very different tone than the second. Albright and the entire ensemble...
‘Remembering Martin’ to be updated through April
April 5 2018
“It is a look at Martin’s life, from when he emerged on the scene, as a civil rights leader, up until his assassination. And it is told through the perspective of a memory of him,” said...
April 5 2018
Well, we have one that’s called “Moving Bodies.” We basically have the audience act as our sort of puppeteers. We’re like mannequins that can’t move unless they move every...