Even without the white stuff, sled making event still sparks creatives from around the area
Feb. 1 2018
It’s the Cardboard Classic, an annual cardboard sled-building event hosted by Lansing Community College’s (LCC) radio station, 89.7 WNLZ, the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department and Gier...
Eighteen local high schools contribute to art exhibit
Feb. 1 2018
The watercolor and sharpie piece, “Monster in the Water,” was created by 12th-grader Nicholas File of Lansing’s Everett High School. He practiced the different techniques by drawing anime....
MSU Latinx Film Fest reveals unseen lives
Feb. 1 2018
An untapped world of film will soon crack open for all of Lansing to see. The history of the “Jimi Hendrix of accordion,” a Spanish thriller about cult suicide and a forensic detective’s...
Lansing Art Gallery’s ‘Echo’ weaves two artists into one show
Feb. 1 2018
In art, two points seldom make a straight line. That’s the fertile paradox behind the current Lansing Art Gallery exhibit, “Echo.” The joint show is a pas de deux of paint, wood, fabric...
Greater Lansing beer news for the new year
Feb. 1 2018
Their Boss Tweed NE Double IPA, which was the highest rated beer in Michigan over the summer on the Untappd! social beer app that was released statewide last month. Already, quantities are extremely low....
How the 1967 film encapsulated a generation
Feb. 1 2018
Fifty years ago this week on a cold wintry day, my date and I were in line at East Lansing’s Campus Theater to see “The Graduate.” Since it was the only game in town and I didn’t...
Recounting Michael Siracuse’s storied career
Feb. 1 2018
Siracuse, 62, has been the ringmaster of the building’s multiple rehearsal sites and black box theatre for 22 years. He’s in charge of schedules, crew, talent and office duties. But if you...
Prosecutor Siemon could reopen MSU sexual assault cases
Feb. 1 2018
The multiple investigations of Michigan State University and its failures to address cases of sexual assault allegedly committed by athletes also involves actions — or inactions by the Ingham County...
Jan. 29 2018
This week, the local dining scene was shaken by the surprise closing of the Dolson in Charlotte. It had been a joint effort between the Lansing-based restaurant group Potent Potables Project and the Charlotte-based...
Jan. 29 2018
In the early hours of Aug 31, 2010, officers from Michigan State University knocked on the door of a dorm room in Wonders Hall
Jan. 28 2018
When Zhou Tian, an associate composition professor at Michigan State University, sat down in 2015 for an intensive five-month writing retreat, he wasn't thinking about the Grammy Awards
Jan. 25 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Anders Haugen competed for the U.S. as a ski jumper in the 1924 Winter Olympics. Although he was an accomplished athlete who had previously set a world record for distance, he...
Bishop Boyea gets an earful from Lansing Catholic, IHM parents
Jan. 25 2018
There appear to be no blacks on the teaching staff at LCHS. The 2017 Cougar yearbook, “Evolve,” shows 35 teachers and eight administrators, counselors and chaplains. It’s impossible to...
Velvet art show flips shame into pride
Jan. 25 2018
But the first velvet art exhibit ever mounted in Michigan, according to the curators, is no stunt. That collective purr is a bold assertion of pride in paintings that are usually dismissed as kitschy junk
National Broadway tour brings powerful message
Jan. 25 2018
The fierce acting and strong voice of the central character, Jenna Hunterson, played by Desi Oakley, helps make “Waitress” powerful. As a stifled pie maker finding her inner strength, Oakley...
Night for Notables honors great Michigan writers
Jan. 25 2018
Ford will be interviewed by another Notable Book author, Monica McFawn, whose collection of short stories and her first book, “Bright Shards of Somewhere Else,” won a Notable Book Award in...
Lansing booking company hits the 10-year mark
Jan. 25 2018
To celebrate the milestone, Twin Peaks, PUP and notable locals Michigander, Greet Death and Stefanie Haapala, performed a commemorative concert last week at the Crofoot in Pontiac. Well attended and highly...
180124Record Lounge
Ten years in, Record Lounge finds peace in REO Town
Jan. 25 2018
It’s 11 a.m. in REO Town, not early enough to feel like the living dead, but not too late to feel the fading warmth of a Michigan winter sunrise. Record Lounge owner Heather Frarey flips her closed...
Lacking a heavyweight music venue, Lansing relies on small clubs
Jan. 25 2018
Before writing this article, we at City Pulse asked our readers a question: What is your favorite place for live music in the Greater Lansing Area? We got the usual answers like Mac’s, the Robin...
Shaken and stirred by the Sam Shepard classic
Jan. 25 2018
“Buried Child” begins with Michael Hays as Dodge onstage while an unseen Amy Rickett as his wife, Halie, yells from above a real stairway in her imagined room. Their prolonged long-distance...

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