July 12 2018
Inspired by presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and fueled by an idealistic generation frustrated by the wealth amassed by large corporations, today’s version of left-wing politics is an aggressive,...
Friday, July 13
July 12 2018
“We are really trying to give all of these businesses the ownership to bring in whoever they want and make it whatever type of event they want,” said Rupp. “We will promote it and they...
How rice native to Michigan was phased out by time
July 12 2018
In the oral tradition of the Anishinaabeg there exists a prophecy that the people would follow a sign moving inland to avoid the long boats of the European invaders. The prophecy said the people would...
July 12 2018
The Over the Ledge Theatre’s production of the Rodger Bean musical spotlights a female quartet that performs at their 1958 senior prom and subsequent 1968 class reunion. The first act showcases ‘50s...
July 11 2018
Can Lansing assert its dominance in the ramen game, or will Detroit usurp the capital city? A grand ramen battle royale plans to answer that very question
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July 11 2018
WEDNESDAY, JULY 11 — With no explanation, Let Lansing Vote abruptly opted to drop its lawsuit against City Clerk Chris Swope, effectively halting a year-long case that sought to revamp the state...
Does Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope have a right to be wrong?
July 8 2018
City officials argued he does in an ongoing lawsuit that threatens to upend Lansing’s medical marijuana industry, potentially forcing all of the city’s pot shops to close as early as later...
July 5 2018
A woman lays on the ground, eyes closed — bright red sunglasses perched near her head. Her eyes are painted a bright purple, and there’s a large tattoo visible on her shoulder. Her name is...
July 5 2018
The airy practice rooms, rehearsal halls and gathering spaces for students looked spiffy but fairly functional on the easels, but Burseth, his fellow students and MSU faculty scrutinized them avidly, like...
Council urges state to revoke license at Binni’s
July 5 2018
Binni’s Bar and Grill — tucked into an unkept plaza at the corner of Washington Avenue and Miller Road in south Lansing— is likely to go unnoticed to the average daytime passerby. There’s...
City clerk files for personal protection order against applicant’s husband
July 5 2018
Chelsey Barron, a local provisioning center applicant and would-be owner at GotMeds, earlier this year was disheartened to learn she didn’t make the cut for a limited number of dispensary licenses...
July 2 2018
The ballots have been scoured, the scores have been tallied. Finally, we are ready for the 2018 Pulsars. Leading the charge are the Owosso Community Players with 24 nominations and the MSU Department of...
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June 29 2018
Berl Schwartz interviews Ruth Lednicer from Planned Parenthood and Jay Kaplan from the Michigan ACLU about the implications of Justice Kennedy's retirement. Skyler Ashley speaks with Nashville countr
June 28 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Your best ideas and soundest decisions will materialize as if by magic while you're lounging around doing nothing in a worryfree environment. So please make sure you have an abundance...
June 28 2018
Ben Daniels, the son of actor/musician Jeff Daniels, brings his band and headlines a free outdoor show at the William E. Tennant Performance Shell at St. John’s park. His sound, which spans Americana,...
Friday, June 29-Sunday, July 1
June 28 2018
The play starts the morning of a big meeting with these bankers that will change his life, but start happening to him that ruin his day, continued Willis “His daughter announces that she is pregnant,...
June 28 2018
I did go to culinary school. I worked at Crystal Mountain resort for about two years or so, then I joined the Marines. I was an infantry radio operator, so I was attached to a weapons company
June 28 2018
“We’ll be burning them using a centuries-old Japanese method called ‘Shou Sugi Ban,’ which literally translated means burn cedar board,” Fowler said. “Burning the boards...
June 28 2018
This summer, City Pulse will feature local art on our cover for up to eight issues: June 27-Aug. 29, excluding our Aug. 15 anniversary issue. Submission guidelines: Anyone living in Ingham, Eaton or Clinton...
Refugees, immigrants face steepest hurdles in decades
June 28 2018
The fight over the separation of refugee families at the United States border is part of a bigger picture that has Lansing-area refugee support workers deeply concerned: the sharpest drop in refugee resettlement,...