Five more emporiums join the fun
May 8 2018
TUESDAY, May 8 — The Margarita Fest field is shaping up with the addition of five more mid-Michigan establishments that will compete for best margarita on June 1
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May 7 2018
City Pulse editor and publisher Berl Schwartz's latest interview with Lansing Mayor Andy Schor
rshow (1 of 1)
May 4 2018
City Pulse Radio's May 5 Show. Featuring interviews with the Wharton Center's executive director Mike Brand, Stephen Esquith — MSU's Residential College of Arts in the Humanities dean, and Todd Heywood's...
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May 4 2018
FRIDAY, May 4 — The Lansing Lugnuts have signed on to compete for the title of Best Margarita at Michigan’s first-ever Margarita Fest. The folks who mix and pour margaritas at C
May 3 2018
Charges may apply for paid events to appear in print. If you need assistance, please call Ella at (517) 999-6704
May 3 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) I hate rampant consumerism almost as much as I hate hatred, so I don't offer the following advice lightly: Buy an experience that could help liberate you from the suffering you've...
Dipping into the world of bubbly
May 3 2018
The range of emotions is vast. Expect nervousness, relief, concern for debt, hope for the future. You are faced with opportunities of many sizes every day and you’ve certainly taken advantage of...
Visiting Iraqi cellist, religious leaders link art and peace
May 3 2018
Coaxed by Mason, Waddles walked away from the piano and lifted his stentorian voice in support of his new friend and colleague. He told the group what it was like to play improvised duets with a man he...
Saturday, May 5
May 3 2018
Aaron Solon, owner of Hollow Mountain, said his store has been doing Free Comic Book Day since its opening. “I think it will be our fifth one,” Solon said. Hollow Mountain will have 20 percent...
May 3 2018
The five-hour event kicks off at 5 p.m. For the advanced general admission ticket of $25, attendees will be able to enjoy up to 15 margarita samples from area bars and restaurants —including Bordeaux,...
Music educator brings a new workshop to Lansing
May 3 2018
“We became friends really quickly. It was kind of strange, because he was just learning music when I first met him,” Watroba said. “But I swear I have never met anyone who got good as...
Longtime Lansing exec Patrick Patterson ‘resigns,’ local committee members quit
May 3 2018
VOA Board Chairman Don McCann confirmed the departure of Patterson, which is being called a “resignation.” He said that Patterson’s predecessor, Alex Brodrick, has come out of retirement...
May 3 2018
Four Williamston Community School Board members are unlikely to face an immediate petition drive for their recall after Washtenaw County Circuit Judge Patrick Conlin invalidated recall language approved...
May 3 2018
Their musical has elements of a professional show: expert acting, skilled singing, solid songs, proficient musicians, precision movements and choreography and costumes that do not seem acquired from a...
May 3 2018
The southern hip-hop duo of Jelly Roll & Struggle Jennings perform Friday at The Loft. Now embarked on their Waylon & Willie Tour, the Tennessee-based emcees released their second collaboration, the “Waylon...
Her name is Elissa Slotkin. Her game is beating Mike Bishop.
May 3 2018
“How many people here have had to take their car to the shop in last 12 months for a bent rim or some other repair because you’ve hit a pothole? Let’s see a show of hands,” Slotkin...
Local author’s tome recounts more than a century of police history
May 3 2018
The book, “Behind the Badge: the History of the Lansing Police Department,” by Patricia E. Heyden, was long thought to be out of print. It will be on sale for $25 at the celebration, with proceeds...
Old School for Boys’ site may hold history’s secrets
May 3 2018
For decades, a stretch of green space dotted with trees has spanned the distance between Lansing Eastern High School’s parking lot on the south and Orchard Street on the north. Buried underneath,...
1005 Abbot Road East Lansing
May 3 2018
Since this building was built in 1965, it carries the characteristics of its Midcentury Modern predecessors, expressing them in a more mature version of the era’s style that introduces regional influences...
Longtime Lansing exec Patrick Patterson 'resigns,' local committee members quit
May 2 2018
Patrick Patterson and the Volunteers of America Michigan, which named him president and CEO just July, have parted ways over “differences.”