Creating without perceived borders or limits
Dec. 21 2017
“The shortest statement of philosophy I have is my living, or the word ‘I.’” —Audre Lorde As an artist, I find that the most direct reflection of my identity can be found...
The holiday season has arrived and adult survivors of child sexual abuse will once again be navigating festivities where their perpetrator may have a seat at the table.
Dec. 21 2017
It is common for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence to skip family reunions, birthday parties, funerals, weddings, and holiday dinners to avoid having to share these experiences with the...
Lansing Catholic High School students take a knee against injustice and police violence
Dec. 21 2017
If you haven’t been paying attention, students at Lansing Catholic High School (LCHS) and Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) have been using their voices to protest racial injustice and police brutality...
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of [1968] City Pulse is sponsoring a monthly book club that will run through all of 2018.
Dec. 21 2017
Each book club meeting will be held at Schuler’s Eastwood Towne Center location on the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. Exceptions come when the Thursday falls near a holiday, when the book...
A collection of work by Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley
Dec. 21 2017
Kelley and Shaw have been globally recognized both for their experimental art and their influential noise rock band Destroy All Monsters. Kelley died in 2012 but is survived by his paintings and photography,...
Winter no problem for Meridian farmers market
Dec. 21 2017
On the opposite end of the market, Adam Ulbin, bakery manager for Stonehearth Bakery of Brooklyn, Michigan, stood over an array of baked goods He chatted up customers as they viewed his bread, particularly...
Super Happy Funtime brings its wild variety show to the Loft
Dec. 21 2017
There’s live music, there’s burlesque, there’s comedic theater and they usually take their clothes off. One thing Ruffin is certain of is his group’s knack for ruffling political...
Avenue to host charity pinball tournament
Dec. 21 2017
“Star Wars,” “Ghostbusters,” “Star Trek,” “The Simpsons,” “Lord of the Rings,” and numerous other familiar titles sit neatly in rows on Lansing’s...
Most pot license applicants not from Lansing
Dec. 21 2017
The marijuana cash run is on, and an analysis of publicly available data on applicants shows that only 37 percent of the business applicants have a Lansing mailing address
A coffin-side chat with horror host Rich Koz, MeTV’s Svengoolie
Dec. 21 2017
Only he’s not so local anymore. Rich Koz (pronounced “Koze”), 65, has donned the top hat and punch-in-the-eye face paint of Svengoolie for 40 years, on and off. Generations of Chicago...
"At a time when we have climate change deniers in power in Washington, we have our local utility embracing an environmentally sustainable future for metro Lansing." - Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero
Dec. 21 2017
BWL General Manager Dick Peffley said that with the new plant on line, the utility will be completely coal-free by the time the aging Erickson Station closes in 2025. The utility’s other baseload...
Green Dot Stables opened last week on Lansing’s east side.
Dec. 21 2017
Green Dot Stables opened last week on Lansing’s east side. Owner/operator Jacques Driscoll spent more than $1 million and year and a half transforming the former Whiskey Barrel Saloon into the restaurant,...
BBQ joint lives up to Guy Fieri-hype
Dec. 21 2017
On the Southern end of the food spectrum are items like smoked beef brisket ($12.95 for a half-pound) and baby back ribs ($30.95 for a full rack, plus two sides). I maintain that Saddleback BBQ in REO...
$25 million, 4-story plan offers 145 apartments, 7,000 sq. feet of commercial and retail space
Dec. 21 2017
After years of stop and go attempts to develop the old downtown YMCA location, property owner Julie Lawton-Essa said Monday that she has financing for a four-story, $25 million apartment, commercial and...
Dec. 14 2017
Beggar’s Banquet was named after a Rolling Stones album — which explains why its menu listed the Abbot Road Cucumber Martini as “light and refreshing.” After a sip, I realized only...
Dec. 14 2017
The Wrought Iron Grill ensnares unsuspecting visitors to Owosso with lavish gourmet offerings and a lengthy wine selection. When traveling to Shiawassee County to see an Owosso Community Players production...
Dec. 14 2017
Aries (March 21-April 19) According to a Sufi aphorism, you can't be sure that you are in possession of the righteous truth unless a thousand people have called you a heretic. If that's accurate, you still...
Dec. 14 2017
Based on your votes in City Pulse’s 2017 Top of the Town contest, we’ve assembled a guide to your favorite Lansing-area eateries. We’ll run single categories in the paper periodically,...
Dec. 14 2017
There’s plenty of magic and wonder alongside tears and heartbreak in “Finding Neverland.” The touring Broadway production, now running at Wharton Center, is not short and certainly not...
Los Angeles-based artist Kathryn Andrews exhibit runs Dec. 16- Feb. 11 at the MSU Broad Art Museum
Dec. 14 2017
Politicians have been blurring the divide between Washington and Hollywood, mashing theater and policy-making together, for years. Artist Kathryn Andrews has jumped into the melee with a multi-genre display...