June 28 2018
As the large-scale construction in downtown East Lansing has shifted the city’ s cultural events to the intersection of Bailey and Albert streets, the collection of artistic fence panels installed...
June 28 2018
The proposed sticker, which aims to appeal to consumers searching for produce grown as close to home as possible, will identify specialty crops that are grown on urban farms no larger than 2 acres in size...
June 28 2018
2018 Pet, Wagon & Bike Parade Children ages three through 12 are invited to create costumes and decorations that reflect the Independence Day celebration. Ribbons will be presented to all participants,...
But nature will retaliate
June 28 2018
In the last half of June, visitors to the Potter Park Zoo and passersby on the Lansing River Trail got an eerie feeling near the parking lot pay booth. The expansive parkland north of the booth somehow...
Council sets public hearing, questions sale price
June 28 2018
The City Council on Monday unanimously greenlighted the Red Cedar redevelopment project — often labeled the Red Cedar Renaissance or the “Gateway to Lansing” — for a public hearing...
June 28 2018
And Smith isn’t shy about highlighting those, too, as he swims upstream against a candidate generating attention from Newsweek, NBC News and other national news outlets. The same candidate who is...
Downtown Lansing’s ArtPath is a quiet delight
June 28 2018
Feel-good whimsy meant to sedate you into shopping, hodge-podges designed by committees, space-fillers under bridges to intimidate homeless people and skateboarders — there are many ways for art...
June 28 2018
The committee overseeing the piece on its path to installation, which includes members the City of Lansing, Downtown Lansing Inc. and Lansing Economic Area Partnership, have described their vision as “welcoming,...
A tour through James Oliver Curwood’s castle
June 28 2018
Once you’ve visited the castle of author James Oliver Curwood (1878-1927), built in Owosso on the banks of the Shiawassee River, you will have a better understanding of the man
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June 23 2018
The latest City Pulse Radio show. Berl Schwartz interviews congressional candidate Elissa Slotkin and Skyler Ashley reports on the City Pulse Inclusion Awards. Listen to City Pulse Radio every Saturda
June 21 2018
Since the late 1990s, Cardiac Arrest has been a fixture in the Chicago death-metal scene. While the band’s lineup has changed over the last two decades, it’s still managed to release four albums...
June 21 2018
While the majority of Crunchy’s karaoke night clientele are college kids or alumni, Feighner remembers a 60-year old regular named Dennis. For over five years, Dennis would come by himself every...
June 21 2018
“Friday night, we celebrate our community with a Lansing night,” Whitaker said, and he wasn’t just whistling the Spartan fight song
June 21 2018
Henry’s short story “The Prisoner of Haiku,” illustrated by Neal Shannacappo, is an imaginative look at the negative impact of American Indian boarding schools. A young man loses his...
June 21 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you have cosmic permission to enjoy extra helpings of waffles, crepes, pancakes, and blintzes. Eating additional pastries and...
June 21 2018
Michigan is constitutionally required to balance its budget every year, which means legislators don’t have much appetite to slide special projects into the $56 billion document. This year, legislative...
Wharton Center program matches students with Broadway talent
June 21 2018
“I started it with Laura Bell Bundy, a Tony Award nominee because we saw a need for musical arts education at the school level,” said Canaan, who was part of hit musicals like “Kinky...
June 21 2018
Bernhardt was also popular for performing as a male character, most notably taking the stage as Hamlet. And she knocked audiences dead on a consistent basis — there are several documented accounts...
June 21 2018
Sutton Foster Ovation Awards can lead to notable successes. Last year’s male winner, Antonio Cipriano, has since been cast in a Broadway-bound musical reimagining of Alanis Morrissette’s “Jagged...
Thursday, June 21
June 21 2018
For this year’s riverside festival, people of all ages are welcome to explore the arts and culture scene featuring a robust artisan village on the city market plaza, live art installations with chalk...