‘Big Brother’ is here
April 19 2018
When biologists single out “keystone species” that whole ecosystems depend on, they’re never sharks, bears, lions or other PBS glory hogs. Ecologists warn of the dire things that would...
April 19 2018
On May 9, 2012, news broke with a quote from President Barack Obama on his stand towards marriage equality. For many years, although he supported civil rights for the LGBTQ community, he held the view...
April 19 2018
“The idea for the conference emerged in a conversation we had about 18 months ago. We were talking about music genres that are so closely associated with an earlier century that we tend to overlook...
Lawmaker takes action to close ‘loophole’ in Michigan laws
April 19 2018
Lansing Township Police Chief Adam Kline confirmed that Timothy Olin, 30, stole the semiautomatic handgun after renting it from Total Firearms in Delhi Township. He took the weapon to JoAnn Fabrics and...
April 19 2018
Lansing band Hot Mulligan has bumped itself up on the national independent music scene’s radar. The band has garnered serious attention after signing with the California-based imprint No Sleep Records,...
‘Green Day’s American Idiot’ brings the album to life
April 19 2018
Descended from a long line of rock musicals like the Who’s “Tommy,” “Rent” and “Hair,” “American Idiot” is a raucous blend of righteous anger, passion...
The retail celebration that revived local shops
April 19 2018
Record Store Day, the unofficial holiday of all things vinyl, returns Saturday, and there are three places to celebrate. REO Town’s Record Lounge, Old Town’s Replay Entertainment Exchange and...
Local clerks say they’re ready for the Russians
April 19 2018
Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum said the 2018 elections will “absolutely” go forward, even if hackers take out the whole power grid. In the event of a cyberattack, she said, paper ballots will...
April 19 2018
He could have been a master gardener, cashing in on what is expected to be Michigan’s next big cash crop. That’s if Henry Meyer hadn’t been busted with so much pot the Drug Enforcement...
Surprises liven up walking tour of Baker neighborhood
April 19 2018
I started my walking tour of Lansing’s plucky Baker neighborhood late Wednesday afternoon by flashlight, picking my way through the broken toilets and random debris of a cavernous 1925 school. I...
cheddars pot pie
April 19 2018
They gather, and one by one, they confess their sins. “Hi. My name is Mark. I’m a restaurant critic, but honestly, what the hell do I know?” This came to mind as I was walking out of...
Time to ask hard questions of BWL
April 19 2018
Opposition to the Board of Water and Light’s (BWL’s) plans to build a new gasfired power plant in Lansing appears to have fallen on deaf ears. The BWL Commission approved the bidding unanimously....
DeWeese seeks political comeback
April 19 2018
“As a physician, I was one of the people they’d say, ‘You really pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps.’ That’s nonsense. I had to study hard, but if it wasn’t for...
Greg Marinovich’s new book reveals sordid details
April 19 2018
Much has changed in South Africa since apartheid’s 1994 abolishment, but a new book about a horrific massacre in 2012 reveals what awful things have stayed the same. It also reveals that many Westerners...
April 12 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Aries statesman Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He wrote one of history's most famous documents, the Declaration of Independence
MSU to host its 13th Israeli Film Festival
April 12 2018
The Jewish Studies Program’s goal on campus is to educate and bring together a community of people to study the culture and history of Jewish people. Its annual film festival’s purpose is to...
April 12 2018
Kristen Lawerence and her friends loved the BBC’s production of “Pride and Prejudice” and dreamed of their own Netherfield Ball. So in 2006, Kristen and her husband Charles created the...
April 12 2018
Detroit electro-techno duo Adult., a fixture in the Motor City scene since the mid-’90s, headlines Thursday at The Avenue Café. The Capital City Film Fest-hosted show also features sets from...
How the fest handles hundreds of films and dozens of bands
April 12 2018
Capital City Film Festival’s eighth edition continues its goal of bringing a slice of the coasts to Lansing. With a guerilla attitude toward venues — downtown Lansing still lacks a proper movie...
April 12 2018
To modern-day beer lovers, carbonation is expected, but do you know how beer becomes bubbly? Today, many beers are carbonated through a process called “forced carbonation,” where carbon dioxide...