New documents detail MSU Appling/Payne housing irregularities
Feb. 22 2018
In response to the sexual assault allegations against two standout freshman Michigan State University basketball players in 2010, the university ignored its own sexual assault protocols in moving Keith...
Patrick Olson rummages through MSU Library’s hoard of rare books
Feb. 22 2018
Olson said he developed a love for old books from a junior high teacher, who told the students about Nathaniel Hawthorne’s first book, “Fanshawe.” After an abysmal reception, the author...
Feb. 19 2018
reaches 50,000 readers weekly. Weekly distribution is over 20,000 copies at over 530 locations throughout Lansing, East Lansing, Eaton Rapids, Grand Ledge, Okemos, Mason, Holt, DeWitt, Charlotte, Williamston...
Feb. 15 2018
By passing the ordinance on Jan. 23, Lansing Township joined Lansing, East Lansing and Windsor Township as the only governmental jurisdictions in mid-Michigan to create pot regulations. Under the new state...
Feb. 15 2018
“I know people complain a lot about our roads and they’re not great, but they’re not horrendous either,” said the township manager, Frank Walsh, describing them as a 4 or 5 on a...
Feb. 15 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) At 12,388 feet, Mount Fuji is Japan's highest peak. If you're in good shape, you can reach the top in seven hours. The return trip can be done in half the time -- if you're cautious....
A history of controversial campus speeches
Feb. 15 2018
Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, will speak on the MSU campus 4:30- 6:30 p.m., Monday, March 5. MSU first refused to let him speak due to concerns about violence, but following a lawsuit MSU agreed...
Passing grade
Feb. 15 2018
Schor was riding shotgun in one of the city’s new plows Friday as the city was socked with snow. For an hour, the new mayor rode south, then north, on Cedar Street, with a second one following. The...
Feb. 15 2018
On our first visit, I knew beforehand I was going for comfort food. The meatloaf special with mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed vegetables and a roll ($7.95) fit the bill. The portions were generous and,...
Feb. 15 2018
This building, 2225 E. Grand River Ave. in Lansing’s Groesbeck Neighborhood, will soon become home to M43 Fitness, a new gym/personal training studio. Also coming to the site: The Urban Cup, a new...
Is BWL’s $500 million gas plant too much, too late?
Feb. 15 2018
The Stanton Memo is out. It sounds like a salvo from the political wars in Washington, but a memo by Lansing utility expert and former state regulator Tom Stanton is part of a local conflict over Lansing’s...
Why representation matters
Feb. 15 2018
Annie Gordon, the adult services librarian at the East Lansing Public Library, selected the films to be shown for Black History Month. Gordon chose the films to highlight specific social and legal issues,...
susanne hou
Epic symphony crowns spectacular night for LSO
Feb. 15 2018
There were many levels to Hou’s musicianship, from her warm rapport with the audience to her technical prowess, but it was hard to get past her ravishing, silken tone. Was it ice or was it fire?...
Black artists take center stage at the Robin Theatre
Feb. 15 2018
Several artists, musicians and performers will take over the Robin Theatre Friday for the second annual Black Arts Matter Celebration. The lineup includes host Jahshua Smith, Horn & Holland, Hakeem the...
‘On Your Feet!’ stands out from the crowd
Feb. 14 2018
On paper, it would seem that “On Your Feet!,” the latest touring musical at Wharton Center, was designed for a consumer like me, a Gen X-er who grew up during the era of Gloria Estefan and...
nmm (1)
Natalie MacMaster comes to East Lansing February 8
Feb. 8 2018
This is an interview City Pulse did with fiddler extraordinaire Natalie MacMaster. It originally aired on the Feb. 3 edition of City Pulse Radio, and the following is an extended cut. MacMaster will be...
Helen-Sung-Pianist3 (1)
Helen Sung brings fervor of a late convert to MSU jazz residency
Feb. 8 2018
Helen Sung started on a plastic piano with rainbow keys, at about four years old.The keys turned to black and white for a long time until she broke from years of strict classical studies, threw herself...
First wave of announcements for the summer music fest
Feb. 8 2018
Gucci Mane, at this point in his career, is by all means a legend. His trap aesthetic has dominated the world of hip-hop, and he is rightfully recognized as one of the subgenre’s most important pioneers....
Williamston Theatre revisits a poisonous time period
Feb. 8 2018
Giulia Tofana is a curious historical figure. Her tale takes us back to mid-17th century Rome, where she became infamous for selling poison to women who desired to murder their husbands. Because divorce...
Death and romance abound in‘Our Lady of Poison’
Feb. 8 2018
At Williamston Theatre, playwrite Joseph Zettlemaier invites us back in time, to a cleverly reconstructed era, Rome, Italy 1659 A.D. There, a battered and bruised Contessa shows up at an under-the-table...