Aug. 30 2018
“Over the last many years, I’ve unfortunately seen south end businesses close down and go to what they think is a busier or better part of town and another town close by. There is a lot to...
Aug. 30 2018
Spicy, savory, salty and scrumptious statewide chicken wing vendors fly into Adado Park for patrons to decide who is the king, or queen, of wing vending. fifteen Flavors of Wings, Big Pooh's Chicken-N-Things,...
Aug. 30 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Now is an excellent time to feel and explore and understand and even appreciate your sadness
Unlicensed shops face Sept. 15 closure
Aug. 30 2018
Emergency rules governing the fledgling pot market — already twice extended by Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs — have allowed entrepreneurs to conduct business...
Water under the bridge
Aug. 30 2018
She bent over a second figure. “They worked on this one, bent the wire. Now I have to figure out how the arm goes back in.” Andrews came to Lansing to repair her vandalized sculpture, “There...
Aug. 30 2018
Thapa said Himalayan cuisine also employs both rice and noodles equally, so the choice between the two is really up to the customer. He does not require his chefs to be intimately experienced with preparing...
816 Hickory St., Lansing
Aug. 30 2018
A couple reportedly escaped a blaze that engulfed the 1895 home in 2016, but their dog died. The house, vacant since the fire, needs about about $135,000 in repairs to be made safe. The City Council earlier...
Aug. 30 2018
Keeping rhythm with Lansing’s recent plunge into public art, another installation is completed — the Lansing Sidewalk Poetry Project. Selected from 76 public submissions, eight poems are permanently...
Aug. 30 2018
CATA’s free Grab & Go Express program expands Route 17 for people running midday errands and grabbing lunch. New routes will run weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. — from downtown to Old...
Aug. 30 2018
The book follows Danny Yzemski, who turns to music for solace after his music-loving father dies. His mother relinquishes her parenthood to Canadian Mist whiskey, and he is faced with a high school experience...
Aug. 30 2018
At the same time, the former national security official is going up with at least 50 spots worth $9,691 on the Detroit CBS affiliate, with similar buys on the NBC and ABC affiliates, part of what the Slotkin...
Plans stall for using house at School for the Blind
Aug. 30 2018
Residents in Lansing’s Walnut Neighborhood last month were irritated to discover Mid-Michigan Recovery Services had plans to renovate a former School for the Blind building on Pine Street into an...
City fields two ideas for Cooley Haze House
Aug. 30 2018
“It’s going to cost anybody a significant amount of money to bring this place up to speed,” explained Lansing Park Board member Rick Kibbey. “It really has got to be a labor of...
Aug. 30 2018
“I’m very careful about what I say on Facebook and Twitter,” Pohl said. With sarcastic glee he added, “On Facebook I refer to myself as, ‘Just another enemy of the people...
Historic Turner Dodge tree will soon come down
Aug. 30 2018
The beech’s wine-red leaves, its elephantine trunk (59 inches in diameter) and expansive, peacock-like spread — wider and taller than the house itself — have sheltered passers-by, wedding...
Aug. 30 2018
These Lansing photographers went print exclusive in the digital age
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Project to include 4-story hotel, apartments
Aug. 29 2018
Developer Pat Gillespie today announced plans to construct the first hotel to be built in downtown Lansing in more than 20 years. The four-story concept — set to consume 21 parcels along more than...
Aug. 29 2018
Chuckle and chortle to local and statewide comics while sipping a signature brew by the fireside on the Bad Brewing Co. patio
Aug. 29 2018
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 29 — Democrat Thomas Morgan will fill a vacancy on the Ingham County Board of Commissioners after his predecessor folded to continued criticism and resigned from the post earlier...
Aug. 28 2018
TUESDAY, Aug. 28 — A new rule proposed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency last week would ease pollution restrictions and squeeze more life out of the nation’s aging fleet of coal-fired...