Simon ordered review of sexual assault training in 2010
Feb. 8 2018
A month after incoming Spartan basketball standouts Keith Appling and Adreian Payne were accused of a brutal sexual assault in a Wonders Hall dorm room, Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon...
Feb. 8 2018
“Even though I’ve been running Jean Jean in Michigan for eight years, it feels like no one knows I’m here,” Duffelmeyer said. “That’s the downside of e-commerce –...
Gloves coming off early in gubernatorial race
Feb. 8 2018
He’s not participating because he wasn’t involved in the planning process and his campaign doesn’t feel it needs to be . . . yet
History and culture color MSU sex scandal investigations
Feb. 8 2018
The board of trustees last week imposed a gag order on its elected members, in an attempt to limit their often bungled attempt to shape the crisis. That alone is unlikely to affect the breadth of investigations...
Growth spurt
Feb. 8 2018
When the emergency rules regarding medical marijuana licensing were released by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) in December, they included a provision allowing potential licensees...
New book recounts the region’s prohibition era
Feb. 8 2018
“Last call for alcohol” is a common refrain in bars near closing time, but on April 30, 1918, the barkeepers across Michigan really meant it. Due to a statewide referendum, Michigan turned...
‘The Christians’ offers two roads to salvation
Feb. 8 2018
In partnership with Sycamore Creek Church, the Peppermint Creek Theatre Company is presenting a play that examines traditional Christianity and struggles between faith and spirituality. “The Christians,”...
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Traditional Taiko drumming booms at Wharton Center
Feb. 6 2018
Masa Ogawa’s Taiko drumming troupe, Yamato, makes its return to East Lansing Tuesday. Yamato has performed for over 6 million people in 53 countries across the globe, continuing a centuries old Japanese...
Feb. 1 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) In all of history, humans have mined about 182,000 tons of gold. Best estimates suggest there are still 35 billion tons of gold buried in the earth, but the remaining riches will...
Feb. 1 2018
Thank you for the article which provided information we needed to try to understand the woeful news that Schuler Bookstore at Eastwood is closing. This seems yet another example of a successful local business...
WT Our Lady 2
Feb. 1 2018
Giulia Tofana is a curious historical figure. Her tale takes us back to mid-17th century Rome, where she became infamous for selling poison to women who desired to murder their husbands
Okemos hotel site of white nationalist meetings
Feb. 1 2018
Approximately 35 people gathered for the session in October, organized by attorney Kyle Bristow. Supporters advance the theory that white people are discriminated against despite being superior to people...
Mid-Winter Singing & Folk Festival hosts the celebrated songwriter
Feb. 1 2018
“I got a chance to thank (The Weavers) personally for ruining my life.” With more than 50 albums, numerous Grammy nominations, five “Lifetime Achievement” awards, hundreds of tours...
Even without the white stuff, sled making event still sparks creatives from around the area
Feb. 1 2018
It’s the Cardboard Classic, an annual cardboard sled-building event hosted by Lansing Community College’s (LCC) radio station, 89.7 WNLZ, the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department and Gier...
Eighteen local high schools contribute to art exhibit
Feb. 1 2018
The watercolor and sharpie piece, “Monster in the Water,” was created by 12th-grader Nicholas File of Lansing’s Everett High School. He practiced the different techniques by drawing anime....
MSU Latinx Film Fest reveals unseen lives
Feb. 1 2018
An untapped world of film will soon crack open for all of Lansing to see. The history of the “Jimi Hendrix of accordion,” a Spanish thriller about cult suicide and a forensic detective’s...
Lansing Art Gallery’s ‘Echo’ weaves two artists into one show
Feb. 1 2018
In art, two points seldom make a straight line. That’s the fertile paradox behind the current Lansing Art Gallery exhibit, “Echo.” The joint show is a pas de deux of paint, wood, fabric...
Greater Lansing beer news for the new year
Feb. 1 2018
Their Boss Tweed NE Double IPA, which was the highest rated beer in Michigan over the summer on the Untappd! social beer app that was released statewide last month. Already, quantities are extremely low....
How the 1967 film encapsulated a generation
Feb. 1 2018
Fifty years ago this week on a cold wintry day, my date and I were in line at East Lansing’s Campus Theater to see “The Graduate.” Since it was the only game in town and I didn’t...
Recounting Michael Siracuse’s storied career
Feb. 1 2018
Siracuse, 62, has been the ringmaster of the building’s multiple rehearsal sites and black box theatre for 22 years. He’s in charge of schedules, crew, talent and office duties. But if you...