Dave Sharp’s Worlds Quartet brings a sinuous vibe to Old Town
May 31 2018
Passers-by on Turner Street in Lansing’s Old Town Friday night will hear some exotic and compelling sounds coming out of the Urban Beat concert venue and wonder whether they’d stumbled upon...
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.57.32 AM (2)
May 30 2018
The title “Out of Orbit” suggests an object on an unintentional elliptical path, out-of-sync with expectations, doomed to crash and burn
Detroit marchers visit East Lansing to make case against deportations
May 24 2018
Pete Gojcaj’s wife, Cile Precetaj, was suddenly deported from Sterling Heights back to Albania this month after living in the U.S. for 18 years
May 24 2018
Lansing and East Lansing have a range of open mic events. Michigan State students can perform or attend the biweekly University Activity Board’s open mic at the Union on campus. The Avenue Cafe in...
May 24 2018
Neely, 31, has been charged in the stabbing death of Kevin Wirth on May 21 last year. But 54-A District Judge Louise Alderson ruled on July 21 that Larkin was not competent to stand trial. That essentially...
May 24 2018
Jones said gun-rights advocates were concerned an early version of his legislation would stop those learning how to use a gun from renting. Under Jones’ first legislative draft, people seeking to...
Code compliance, roads big winners; City Market loses
May 24 2018
The new budget, which takes effect July 1, includes a 4.9 percent boost in spending from the $134.3 million General Fund — essentially, the city’s operating budget. That included increased...
May 24 2018
JUNE 1 >> MARGARITA FESTIVAL Michigan’s first ever Margarita Festival is a five-hour event dedicated to finding out which local establishment has the Best Margarita. Participants are the judges,...
Putting old friends in a new light
May 24 2018
After the lab’s ribbon cutting Thursday, a white-gloved docent squeezed the flexible columns of sculptor Harry Bertoia’s beryllium chimes — a signature piece of the old Kresge Art Museum,...
May 24 2018
We have renovated and done everything to this building, from the wall paper to making the tables,” said Bea Middleton, third-generation owner of Taste of Thai
Recognizing connections between the celebrated authors
May 24 2018
The sartorial Wolfe, often seen in full-peacock splendor dressed in all white, preferred a formal topper, while the more casual O’Brien is seldom seen without his signature baseball cap. Both authors...
May 24 2018
Simultaneously, Gretchen Driscoll has become the obvious choice to remove Tim Walberg from his perch. Walberg’s recent claims of opioid concerns and Facebook privacy all carry the disclosures of...
707 Prudden St. (Motor Wheel Lofts) Lansing
May 24 2018
Despite its location between two major thoroughfares, this property is difficult to locate, as it sits well back from Oakland Avenue and above East Saginaw. Visitors taking a detour along Prudden Street...
May 24 2018
A caller identifying herself as being from the “Bernett Group” was conducting an extensive telephone survey last weekend in which she asked respondents to opine on various lines of attack that...
Mayor, sheriff at odds over jail millage, city lockup
May 24 2018
The future of the holding facility, along with the location of the courts, is delaying plans to sell the City Hall building for hotel development and move city operations elsewhere downtown. The courts...
May 24 2018
Stop driving around and take some time to explore the Greater Lansing area in a new way, via water or bicycle paths. The Grand River and Red Cedar River are great places to check out since the weather...
May 24 2018
RIVERWALK THEATRE The Lansing stalwart continues its programming into the summer. For more information visit: www. riverwalktheatre.com June 7-10, June 14-17 >> “Spamalot” This Tony Award winning...
May 24 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) The Aries poet Anna Kamie ska described the process of writing as akin to "the backbreaking work of hacking a footpath, as in a coal mine; in total darkness, beneath the earth."...
May 24 2018
Kari Holmes, a Lansing native but frequent traveler to Nashville, headlines Friday at Tequila Cowboy—the country-western themed venue located the Lansing Mall. Holmes has created some buzz after...
Friday, May 25-Sunday, May 27
May 24 2018
Cristo Rey Fiesta has been a staple for the church and its community for nearly four decades. It began as a way to celebrate the area’s rich cultural identity and has since attracted many traveling...