March 22 2018
They also revealed the price tag: $7.1 million. That’s $300,000 more than the $6.8 million raised by the millage. John Dinon, director of Ingham County Animal Control, said a nonprofit, the Ingham...
City struggles to fully explain what pot licensing fees pay forf
March 22 2018
Wood said determining the true cost of the additional work would require sanctioning a time study, which she said she assumed would back up Smiertka’s narrative. That time study would need to demonstrate...
Schor pause on City Hall sale could pave way
March 22 2018
“It’s time to have that conversation,” 55th District Judge Thomas Boyd said Monday in an interview in his chambers. Previous discussions didn’t go very far, said Boyd. But a review...
March 22 2018
The 700-square-foot space is teeming with exotic flowers and succulents, but with gardening season almost here, the store’s inventory of heirloom seeds, soil mixes, gardening tools and pots has started...
March 15 2018
If you’ve ever been into Old Nation Brewery’s pub, you know that it is a great environment to enjoy a brew in. But if you’re curious like me, it can be hard to keep your eyes from wandering...
March 15 2018
Smith’s effort to defeat the much better funded Elissa Slotkin in the 8 th Congressional District Democratic primary and unseat U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester Nov. 6 couldn’t be any more...
A toast to the Michigan Celtic folk musician’s storied career
March 15 2018
On Friday, those who somehow haven’t heard of the multi-talented singer, as well as long-time fans, get a chance to hear Donohoe in person at Lansing’s Allen Marketplace. Her show features...
Beneath the gun debate: Bonding and nostalgia
March 15 2018
“I was trying to be all cool and stuff because I didn’t want my dad to think I was weak or anything like that,” she said. He showed her how to hold and aim the weapon. “I pulled...
Joe Shields comes back to life trading his computer for a guitar
March 15 2018
Shields, 57, is one of the Internet’s earliest purveyors of viral content. Anybody who had an Internet connection by 2000 will remember the videos he produced under the moniker Joe Cartoon. “Frog...
March 15 2018
In 2008, nine police officers from the northern Michigan city of Clare banded together to buy a 113-year-old local bakery that was in danger of closing. The officers, essentially the city’s entire...
March 15 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) The British science fiction TV show Dr. Who has appeared on BBC in 40 of the last 54 years. Over that span, the titular character has been played by 13 different actors. From...
Shakespeare parody brings the laughs
March 15 2018
Set in the Disney Epcot version of London in 1590, “Something Rotten!” makes clear from the beginning that this show is neither historical nor accurate. The chorus sings about all of their...
‘Something Rotten!’ star discusses musical theater
March 15 2018
Nick and Nigel Bottom are writers in the Renaissance trying to compete with Shakespeare. Now, we say all of that tongue-in-cheek, because the show is a contemporary comedy. It’s brought to you by...
How thousands of young women were inflicted with radium poisoning
March 15 2018
“The Radium Girls” sounds like the name of a 50s sci-fi horror movie, and the similarities extend beyond the title. Characters in the book have radium poisoning and suffer true horror —...
Police response at Spencer protest in question
March 15 2018
“I’m pretty sure they set it up for it to be hard for Spencer supporters,” he said. “How else do you explain just letting us set up camp right in their way? I don’t see how...
New art exhibit examines the male figure
March 15 2018
As a pianist, Kvitko has embarked on sprawling solo tours, including gigs at Carnegie Hall. He composed the incidental music for Steven Dietz’s production of “Dracula,” which was noted...
March 8 2018
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Eleven artists featured in new gallery
March 8 2018
“They’re very diverse, ranging from recent graduates of MSU, RCAH in fact, to folk who are retired after a career of working and making art,” said Carolyn Loeb, LookOut!’s curator...
New art exhibit from by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing opens
March 8 2018
Works being displayed on the billboards will include the creators’ names, school and grade. Most of the billboards will be located in Lansing, while some of them will dot different locations in the...
MSU alum pens advice book based on ‘Harry Potter’
March 8 2018
Over 10 years, Rowling wrote seven books in the series, all of which received a blockbuster film adaptation. Spinoffs, which have continued to this day, include video games, the “Fantastic Beasts”...