July 20 2017
Happy Thursday! Just because it's the middle of the week, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a show. Music in the Garden will feature Magic Bus, A ‘60s music tribute band.7 - 9 p.m. FREE. Veterans
Michigan Traditional Art Program raising funds for folk fest Jam Tent
June 15 2017
THURSDAY, June 15 — Last year’s Great Lakes Folk Festival saw the debut of the Jam Tent, a small tent where Michigan artists led jam sessions and workshops that were free and open to all festival
May 15 2017
This week City Pulse Arts and Culture Editor Ty Forquer interviews Spencer Fox, guitarist for rock band Charly Bliss. Producer and contributor Eve Kucharski then speaks with Ben Hassenger about Mighty...
March 31 2017
A roundup of news from around the state, provided by our partners at Capital News Service. Follow the links for the full stories
March 22 2017
Welcome to the 10th annual Top of the Town awards, presented by City Pulse and Fox 47. When we announced the winners of our first-ever best of Lansing contest on May 7, 2008, Hillary Clinton was locked...
Jan. 25 2017
Fisherking has been a staple of the Lansing punk rock scene, releasing a series of melodic hardcore discs, including “2 Songs,” the “Forget It” EP and its 2012 LP, “Ghost.”...
Jan. 25 2017
In spite of the very public placement of the detail below, no observers were able to identify its location as the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing. The building, constructed in 1927, served as the...
Jan. 18 2017
“Transition” is far too mild a word to do justice to the extremes of inner turmoil, fear, and exhilaration that have accompanied major turning points in my life. I’ve made a number of...
Oct. 19 2016
It’s been a former drive-in restaurant for as long as I can remember — which is longer than I care to remember. It’s forlorn and low-slung, huddled next to an abandoned building with...
Family values marker used in Okemos student-parent directory
Oct. 5 2016
The pledge asked parents to discuss with their children expectations and attitudes about alcohol consumption as well as boundaries of youth gatherings in their home
Aug. 17 2016
There is no logical reason for me to own a skeleton. None. There are some socially constructed reasons — it would be cool, all my friends would be envious (and they were), I could take really cool...
Aug. 17 2016
Click here to read City Pulse's 15th Anniversary Issue
Runway event highlights Lansing’s emerging designers
Aug. 16 2016
TUESDAY, August 16 — When people think of fashion, they usually think of glamorous New York runway shows. But Lansing has a budding fashion industry of its own. The Runway, a downtown Lansing
New MICA exhibit explores turning 60
Aug. 16 2016
Birthdays, especially when one turns a multiple of 10, are often times of reflection. “60,” a solo art exhibit by German artist Marek Radke, is built on that reflection
Snyder's pronouncement on refugees unleased the wave anti-Muslim bigotry
Dec. 16 2015
Even though Rick Snyder has three years left as Michigan's governor, it's not too early to think legacy. He should be remembered as the nation's first governor to propose a ban — or as his administration...
Skyline Square
Nov. 4 2015
That policy states: “The County’s employees, directors, appointed or elected officials, volunteers, or agents shall neither solicit nor accept gratuities, favors, gifts, consulting fees, trips,...
Skyline Square
East Lansing City Council endorsement
Oct. 21 2015
Mistrust of city government over economic development remains the No. 1 issue in East Lansing, where nearly half of residents opposed a ballot proposal in May to lower the bar for selling public property
Court records show Councilwoman wrote bad checks from closed account
Oct. 21 2015
Newly released court records from 2011 show A’Lynne Boles, the Third Ward Councilwoman seeking a third term in office in November, was sued for writing four checks on a closed back account
WT Rounding Third Press2
Williamston Theatre scores with encore of 'Rounding Third'
Oct. 7 2015
Williamston Theatre leads off its 10th season with an encore production of its very first show, “Rounding Third.”
The Creole brings spice and steam to an Old Town landmark
Aug. 12 2015
A fresh coat of paint works wonders for most fixer-uppers, but Alan Hooper’s painting hands were tied when he set out to convert Lansing’s former Creole Gallery into the Creole, a Cajun...

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