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Code compliance, roads big winners; City Market loses
May 22 2018
TUESDAY, MAY 22 — Unlike years past, when the budget process was fraught with name calling, veto threats and long meetings, the Lansing City Council last night unanimously approved Mayor Andy Schor’s...
City Market subsidy faces the axe tonight
May 21 2018
MONDAY, May 21 — The Lansing City Council is expected tonight to strike all or part of an $80,000-a-year subsidy to the City Market in order to fund a new code enforcement inspector
Massive spring planting begins on Oakland, Saginaw avenues
May 17 2018
Below Stiles’ feet, landscaper John Weaver could be seen, bent double, feet on the curb, digging a flowering mandavilla into the topsoil lining the embankment. The light turned green on Pennsylvania...
2018 looks good for female pols in Ingham County
May 17 2018
The Michigan Democratic Party’s top four statewide nominees may end up being women with U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow running for re-election, Gretchen Whitmer the gubernatorial front-runner, Jocelyn...
May 17 2018
Our American experiment has faced and successfully overcome two crises while facing the 3rd today. The 1st crisis was the American Revolution where we told the British Empire that we, the American People,...
Printed delivery materials
May 17 2018
It happens every weekend. The neighborhoods bloom with plastic bags stuffed with some version of the Community News, published by Gannett and the Lansing State Journal. The bags are tossed haphazardly...
Waterfront grill lease not being renewed
May 17 2018
“I don’t think the taxpayers want to be subsidizing a bar,” said Wood in a phone call Tuesday. Many on the Council are pushing to cut the money and funnel it into the city’s code...
East Lansing
May 10 2018
Stephen Dothage of Lansing was the first person to correctly identify the April 11 Eye for Design as 109 West Michigan Ave. in Lansing, adding that it “houses the Michigan Department of Health and...
May 10 2018
With the Lansing City Council scheduled to take up the project next month, labor issues remain a hurdle for the planned transformation of the old Red Cedar Golf Course from a flood plain to a mixed-use...
Developer still buying, believing in Lansing
May 10 2018
Standing to the side of the BWL Depot meeting room Saturday, Patrick Gillespie talked quietly to his daughter. He stood beside two large displays. He was the featured speaker at First Ward Councilwoman...
After Nassar, spring brings a cliffhanger instead of closure
May 10 2018
The sunny post-graduation stroll was grander than usual Saturday afternoon. Champagne bottles piled up next to Beaumont Tower as families jockeyed for photo ops. Three grads perched on the edge of the...
Greater Lansing Housing Coalition is going out of business
May 10 2018
Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing, who chairs the Ingham County Land Bank, said that the state and federal government have slowly been divesting from groups like GLHC and that without a strong board...
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May 7 2018
City Pulse editor and publisher Berl Schwartz's latest interview with Lansing Mayor Andy Schor
Longtime Lansing exec Patrick Patterson ‘resigns,’ local committee members quit
May 3 2018
VOA Board Chairman Don McCann confirmed the departure of Patterson, which is being called a “resignation.” He said that Patterson’s predecessor, Alex Brodrick, has come out of retirement...
May 3 2018
Four Williamston Community School Board members are unlikely to face an immediate petition drive for their recall after Washtenaw County Circuit Judge Patrick Conlin invalidated recall language approved...
Her name is Elissa Slotkin. Her game is beating Mike Bishop.
May 3 2018
“How many people here have had to take their car to the shop in last 12 months for a bent rim or some other repair because you’ve hit a pothole? Let’s see a show of hands,” Slotkin...
Old School for Boys’ site may hold history’s secrets
May 3 2018
For decades, a stretch of green space dotted with trees has spanned the distance between Lansing Eastern High School’s parking lot on the south and Orchard Street on the north. Buried underneath,...
1005 Abbot Road East Lansing
May 3 2018
Since this building was built in 1965, it carries the characteristics of its Midcentury Modern predecessors, expressing them in a more mature version of the era’s style that introduces regional influences...
Longtime Lansing exec Patrick Patterson 'resigns,' local committee members quit
May 2 2018
Patrick Patterson and the Volunteers of America Michigan, which named him president and CEO just July, have parted ways over “differences.”
Monument to tragedy 123 N. Hayford Ave., Lansing
April 27 2018
Monument to tragedy 123 N. Hayford Ave., Lansing