180921 SCOOTER
City officials blindsided by rental rollout
Sept. 21 2018
The Bird has landed in downtown Lansing
Sept. 20 2018
Agency officials agreed improvements are needed, but in their response to the report disagreed that a “prominent relationship” exists between documenting a clearance on the registry, which...
Diocese faces criticism of ‘Happiness’ event
Sept. 20 2018
Michigan Avenue soon will be lined with thousands of Catholic Churchgoers en route to the largest mass to ever be assembled within the Diocese of Lansing, but some have labeled the spectacle as a poorly...
Sept. 20 2018
Swix was a two-term Ingham County commissioner who beat Stabenow’s then husband, Dennis, in 1972 by 200 votes. As far as Swix was concerned, creating a women’s commission would open the door...
Eye Sore: 751 Larch St., Lansing
Sept. 20 2018
Andy Wreckerman isn’t sure what to do with this shack over on Larch Street. He might demolish it. The tight proximity to the house next door — which is also quite the eye sore — makes...
But Judge Clarke spots racial inequities
Sept. 20 2018
Discussions to consolidate Lansing and East Lansing’s 54-A and 54-B district courts with Ingham County’s 55th District Court have started and stalled for more than 20 years. Officials think...
180920 WAVERLY
Officials finalize sale of former Waverly Golf Course
Sept. 20 2018
A $100 million mixed-use development is headed to Lansing Township, despite concerns from local residents, following the sale of the former Waverly Golf Course and Michigan Avenue Park
Proposal heads to City Council for final approval
Sept. 18 2018
A retail store for salvaged building materials could move into one of the more iconic historical sites in downtown Lansing. The plan only needs approval from the City Council to become a reality
Local dispensaries to continue business — for now
Sept. 14 2018
Local medical marijuana dispensaries originally pegged to close by the weekend will receive at least a temporary reprieve following a state judge’s order that allows them to remain in business
Sept. 13 2018
Voters age 18-29 made up 6.77 percent of the universe of voting Michiganders on Aug. 7, a higher percentage than Michigan has seen since at least 1998. But it’s the raw numbers of voters that struck...
Sept. 13 2018
We received several correct and incorrect guesses regarding last month’s Eye for Design, and Bryan Kurtz of Laingsburg provided one of each. But he was the first person to locate correctly the limestone...
State approves 12 dispensaries elsewhere; Wild Bill’s Tobacco applicant big loser
Sept. 13 2018
The board on Monday granted preliminary approval to nine medical marijuana-related business ventures around the state, including pre-qualification for a growing operation along Turner Road in Lansing under...
Snyder denies quick election to replace Conyers
Sept. 13 2018
When U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr. of Detroit resigned amid scandal last December, he had served in the House of Representatives for 52 years, 336 days — longer than all but two members in history....
How a developer assembled the pieces
Sept. 13 2018
It already has. Blueprints for the first downtown hotel to be constructed in decades — along with dozens of apartments and a grocery store to anchor the project — will require an investment...
Developer sets January as likely deadline
Sept. 13 2018
Beitler wants to renovate City Hall into a ritzy hotel that would cater to regional convention crowds. Developer Pat Gillespie’s latest plans along Michigan Avenue didn’t change his mind, but...
State regulators dispute recent legal analysis from city
Sept. 13 2018
Every remaining medical marijuana dispensary within the city of Lansing could be forced to close Saturday as continued licensing delays grind the industry to an unexpected halt
‘Retail Revival’ program launches in downtown Lansing
Sept. 12 2018
Dozens of local entrepreneurs could push their wares into the hands of millions worldwide this week following the launch of an ongoing partnership between eBay and the city of Lansing
State approves 12 dispensaries elsewhere; Wild Bill’s Tobacco applicants big losers
Sept. 12 2018
A dozen medical marijuana dispensaries this week were granted operating licenses by Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board, but hiccups in the local regulatory system ensured none of them were...
Discounts available downtown Sept. 13-16
Sept. 11 2018
TUESDAY, SEPT. 11 — A three-day sale aims to offer discounts at shops around downtown East Lansing. Local retailers from Sept. 13-16 will offer sales and specials both along sidewalks and inside...
Local licensing system remains stagnant amid statewide changes
Sept. 10 2018
Medical marijuana businesses caught up in a complex licensing structure will likely have more time to continue business as usual as officials look to extend a deadline surrounding their regulation