Solar energy comes to a full boil in mid-Michigan
May 17 2017
From 60 acres of solar carports going up on the MSU campus to the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s growing solar arrays to a 1,000-panel community solar “garden” in an East Lansing park,...
Not much meat, but Brown Clarke has a good outing before Chamber
May 17 2017
Good meant sounding thoughtful on difficult issues. Good also meant not going on the offensive, an important factor after nearly 12 years of incumbent Virg Bernero’s bulldog approach. Many people,...
Picnic in the pavilion? Not at Moore’s River Park
May 17 2017
The 61-year-old, two-story picnic shelter was structurally unsound, a periodic city inspection revealed
Demolition begins on LCC ventilation tower to make room for new clock tower
May 17 2017
Demolition of one of Lansing Community College’s most recognizable — if not aesthetically pleasing — landmarks began today
Planning Board member under fire for marijuana advocacy
May 11 2017
Three Lansing City Council members think Planning Board member Josh Hovey has a conflict of interest and want him to resign. Hovey is the spokesman for a marijuana legalization ballot initiative and as...
Council questions budget plan to transfer golf course to LEPFA
May 11 2017
Council members have expressed concern at budget hearings over the Bernero administration’s proposal to shift the management of the Groesbeck Golf Course to the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities...
Woman fighting to make BWL pay for house it burned down in 2015
May 11 2017
Two women from the BWL knocked on her door and asked permission to hook a hose up to her outside faucet to aid her neighbor. Initially, she declined, according to a transcript of a deposition on file at...
City Pulse’s totally biased, subjective introduction to the candidates for Lansing city offices
May 4 2017
So, when you hit the polls on Aug. 8 for the City of Lansing primary election, or start voting absentee five weeks earlier (unless, of course, you’re in the majority, which doesn’t bother to...
May 4 2017
Don’t believe me? Ask the folks in Austin, Ind. One drug user there became infected with HIV. Within a year, 190 cases of HIV linked to needle sharing had been identified in the rural community....
May 4 2017
Vincent Delgado, co-founder of Lansing’s Refugee Development Center and briefly a member of the Lansing City Council, sarcastically called the Council’s decision to reverse a sanctuary city...
May 4 2017
Just this week, the Society of Professional Journalists awarded Goodman and her team of journalists at Democracy Now!, an independent television and radio news outfit, the 2016 Sigma Delta Chi Award for...
May 4 2017
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers handily defeated Alexander in two congressional runs in 2004 and 2008, the worst in a series of electoral setbacks that encouraged Alexander to stick to a role for which he was bust...
County wrestles with malware infection targeting ‘banking information’
May 2 2017
Ingham county officials are working overtime to purge the county’s computer systems of a malware attack that sought to steal banking information
April 28 2017
LANSING — On May Day, workers and immigrants across Michigan will rally to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.Under the slogan “Rise up,” the Michigan effort...
Trio of dogs released after judge reverses decision to euthanize them
April 26 2017
Prosecutors argued in late July that the dogs killed the goats and therefore, under state law, needed to be euthanized as a risk to public safety. But Ionia County Animal Control officials disagreed....
Bishop finds a safe place for town halls: Small-town Stockbridge, a GOP stronghold
April 26 2017
Bishop carried Stockbirdge Township 53.5 percent to 30.4 percent for Democrat Suzanna Shkreli. The county went the other way: 56 percent for Shkreli and 38 percent for Bishop
A Q&A with Rep. Mike Bishop
April 26 2017
Following his townhall meetings, U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, sat down with Todd Heywood to answer a few questions about national and political concerns
Gonorrhea, chlamydia raging in Ingham County as Health Department rolls out education effort
April 26 2017
The “clap” and “clam” — street names for gonorrhea and chlamydia — are occurring well above the national rate in Ingham County, particularly among African Americans
March for Science brings activism with an attention span to state Capitol
April 26 2017
There have been heady days of political protest in Michigan’s history, but none as heady as Saturday’s March for Science
In his last year of life, progressive warrior Bob Alexander saw new cause for optimism
April 26 2017
In late January 2016, Alexander was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought it off with his trademark energy and dry humor for over a year, surprising even those who had strained to keep up with the...