Prop 3 supporters met with opposition
March 13 2013
Monday, Oct. 1 — Proposal 3 supporters gathered for a press conference today at a Lansing park to announce more groups in favor of the statewide renewable energy ballot proposal — and were...
The financial review has begun
March 13 2013
Monday, Oct. 1 — Former Lansing Mayor David Hollister was back in the City Council chambers tonight to deliver a challenging financial outlook for the city. Hollister heads a newly appointed committee...
Political candidates get ranked and endorsed by LGBT community
March 13 2013
Wednesday, Oct. 3 — The Lansing Association of Human Rights, an organization advocating for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality, released candidate ratings this week for the 2012 elections
Proposal 3 opponents say there is no road map for how the renewable energy mandate would be developed. Backers say that’s what the Legislature’s for.
March 13 2013
Thursday, Oct. 4 — Opponents of Proposal 3 say the proposed constitutional amendment mandating 25 percent of the state’s energy come from renewable sources by 2025 lacks a clear roadmap to...
Property tax revenue drop, increased costs cause $11 million budget deficit projection for next fiscal year
March 13 2013
Friday, Oct. 5 — Prepare for more “pain,” the Bernero administration said today as it announced a projected $11 million budget deficit for the next fiscal year.
Lansing School District sees low student count, will study possible transportation savings
March 13 2013
Friday, Oct. 5 — Earlier this week the Lansing School District, along with every other school in the state, had its annual student count day. The preliminary count wasn’t good, as the district...
Capitol graffiti man arrested for nailing art to LCC walls
March 13 2013
Tuesday, Oct. 9 — Jeffrey Scott Handley Jr., the local artist who admitted to tagging the Capitol Building in September with graffiti, was arrested Monday for nailing his artwork to the halls of...
MSU law professor, East Lansing city attorney disagree on the St. Anne Lofts cross
March 13 2013
Wednesday, Oct. 10 — In the opinion of one Michigan State University law professor, the $3 million of public financing that went into the St. Anne Lofts development in downtown East Lansing may constitute...
Oral arguments before the state Supreme Court heard today on major medical marijuana case
March 13 2013
Thursday, Oct. 11 — The Michigan Supreme Court heard oral arguments this morning from both sides of a medical marijuana case that effectively shut down most of Lansing’s dispensaries over a...
Tax delinquency report stalls YMCA redevelopment indefinitely
March 13 2013
Monday, Oct. 15 — The redevelopment of the former YMCA building in downtown Lansing is stalled indefinitely after a media report that uncovered the project’s developer owes back taxes to the...
MSU professor links Twitter and learning
March 13 2013
Thursday, Oct. 18 — Some of Twitter’s most popular users include people like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and President Barack Obama. But one Michigan State University professor has found that...
Mayor advocates for a vicious dog ordinance, sounds off on regional parks and the budget at “City Hall on the Road” event
March 13 2013
Friday, Oct. 19 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero wants the City Council to adopt a vicious dog ordinance to deal with persistent problems related to aggressive dogs running wild in the city
Downtown Lansing Inc. hosts third annual food drive competition
March 13 2013
Monday, Oct. 22 — If we could make sure hungry, homeless and needy families got all their servings of fruits and veggies this holiday season simply by throwing food at them, the world would be a...
Council opens discussion on an ordinance that would require more transparency by developers
March 13 2013
Monday, Oct. 22 — Another politically charged battle between organized labor and the chamber of commerce could be brewing in the Lansing City Council chambers. Look no further than a proposed ordinance...
City Clerk opens polls for absentee voters this weekend
March 13 2013
Wednesday, Oct. 24 — City of Lansing voters who can’t make it to the polls on Nov. 6 can vote by absentee ballot in person this weekend
Six arrested, five face felony charges at anti-fracking protest at Lansing Center
March 13 2013
Wednesday, Oct. 24 — Six anti-fracking protesters were arrested at the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing today during a Michigan Department of Natural Resources mineral rights auction
Fundraiser on Friday benefits the Ingham County Sobriety Court
March 13 2013
Thursday, Oct. 25 — Driving down the road, ready for a night on the town, you’re suddenly struck by another vehicle. As the other driver staggers out of their car, a Budweiser can falls from...
For more non-motorized transportation routes
March 13 2013
Thursday, Oct. 25 — Mayor Virg Bernero really sunk his teeth into a ribbon-cutting ceremony today in celebration of the completion of a new 1.5-mile sidewalk along Waverly Road south of the Grand...
Republican drain commissioner candidate shuns his campaign manager’s tactics against incumbent Democrat Pat Lindemann, who is considering legal action.
March 13 2013
Friday, Oct. 26 — One Facebook message is all it took for Timothy Grant to distance himself from his campaign manager and for Pat Lindemann to consider legal action against what could be defamatory...
State Court of Appeals reverses Circuit Court ruling on the Capital Area District Library’s ability to regulate guns
March 13 2013
Friday, Oct. 26 — “Cloud nine” is how the president of Michigan Open Carry described his emotions upon learning of a state Court of Appeals ruling today involving the Capital Area District...