Union workers protest city project contracted out to non-Lansing workers. Mayor says everyone had an opportunity to bid.
March 13 2013
Monday, Feb. 25 — Roughly 150 union workers and supporters lined South Street just east of REO Town today to protest a city construction project they say is using out-of-city, non-union workers
Mayor’s call for vicious dog ordinance, revised snow removal ordinance has Council support. Setting a date with Niowave. The computer thing.
March 13 2013
Tuesday, Feb. 25 — Mayor Virg Bernero says the city needs to address its “vicious dog” problem and the “bureaucratic nightmare” of a snow removal ordinance. And it looks like...
March 13 2013
Tuesday, Feb. 26 — A story that appeared on last week incorrectly said that the Delta Township Board adopted an ordinance that banned public spitting at a Feb. 18 meeting. In...
App designer turns to crowd sourcing to fund her project that rates LGBT-friendly businesses
March 13 2013
Thursday, Feb. 27 — A masters thesis turned Kickstarter project aims to rate LGBT-friendly businesses through a mobile device and computer application. Emily Brozovic began work on an application...
Lansing’s daily announces it's looking for a new building
March 13 2013
Thursday, Feb. 28 — Update: The Lansing State Journal has announced that it’s looking to sell its downtown office building
U.P. legislator is trying to undermine the Department of Natural Resources with proposed bill
March 13 2013
Friday, March 1 — Even though he’s from the natural-resource rich wilds of the Upper Peninsula, state Sen. Tom Casperson is ticking off a lot of people in the environmental community. It started...
Walnut neighborhood protests Niowave with a pole barn of their own
March 13 2013
Monday, March 4 —Nearly nine months after Niowave erected a pole barn in their community, members of the Walnut Neighborhood Organization built their own pole barn in protest and parked it right...
Foster Swift staffer tapped to head the city’s law department
March 13 2013
Monday, March 4 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s pick to replace former City Attorney Brig Smith would be the city’s first woman and first African American to hold the job. Bernero announced...
Mayor says the city has a vicious dog problem, others say it’s entirely an enforcement and ownership problem
March 13 2013
Tuesday, March 5 — The chairwoman of a City Council committee tasked with drafting a “vicious dog” ordinance said today she’s not interested in pursuing regulations that would target...
Six LSD schools could fall under the EAA authority
March 13 2013
Wednesday, March 6 — The Lansing School District could lose control of six schools under proposed legislation that targets persistently low performing buildings in the state
March 13 2013
In the summer of 1970, Laurie Murninghan — the 16-year-old daughter of former Lansing Mayor Max Murninghan — was kidnapped following a botched jewelry store heist at Gallagher’s Gifts...
March 13 2013
Gardening at work has sprouted in Holt. Local business owner Steve Anderson is exploring the role of the edible garden — in the front yard of his insurance business
Movement in the Genesee Neighborhood as new owners look to redevelop Ottawa/Butler block and Genesee School
March 13 2013
A prominent five-acre block of green space near downtown Lansing, for years a target for residential and commercial use by at least three Lansing developers, has been purchased by a Lansing-based trade...
Last-minute meetings between Niowave and Walnut residents give some hope for renewed negotiations. What exactly are they doing in that pole barn, anyway?
March 13 2013
There's cautious optimism from Walnut Neighborhood residents as they meet with key Niowave Inc. officials in the final weeks of what's been an eight-month showdown over the appearance of a 14,000-square-foot...
March 13 2013
Let me tell you about the time I accidentally took Carl Levin to the wrong country. But before we get to that, a few other personal thoughts about the man who has served this nation for 34 years and counting...
Right to walk down the aisle may lead to better health for LGBT community, MSU researcher says
March 13 2013
Wednesday, March 13 — Legalizing “I do’s” for everyone may be the difference between good and bad health. New research from Michigan State University uncovers the noticeable differences...
Lansing-area educators want a halt to Education Achievement Authority legislation
March 13 2013
Wednesday, March 13 — Lansing School District Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul called a Republican-led effort to create a statewide Education Achievement Authority “blasphemous” at...
Michigan Coalition for Open Government helps launch Sunshine Week
March 11 2013
Monday, March 11 — Michigan needs more open government. The state received a failing grade from The Center for Public Integrity — 44th out of 50 states, to be exact. We were graded on such...
A week dedicated to government transparency launches with announcement of new Michigan group
March 11 2013
Monday, March 11 — The Lansing City Council’s recent closed session meetings to discuss a confidential legal opinion about a Council member’s broken computer is a perfect example of why...
City Council holds public hearing on Niowave tax abatement
March 11 2013
Monday, March 11 — Local residents either outright opposed to a personal property tax abatement for Niowave, or against it until the company fixes the façade of a 14,000-square-foot pole barn/research...